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White House Down

White House Down download movie.

Movie Length: 2:11

Genre: Action Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Roland Emmerich

Actors: Channing Tatum, Dzheymi Foks, Meggi Dzhillenhol, Dzheyson Klark, Richard Jenkins, Dzheyms Vuds, Dzhoi King, Nikolas Rayt, Dzhimmi Simpson, Maykl Merfi, Rashel Lefevr, Lance Reddick Garsel Bove

Budget: $ 150 million

Year: July 18, 2013

Download White House Down

Free download White House Down movie. The destructive action from director Roland Emmerich. Employees of the State Security came with her daughter to the White House for an interview for a position in the structure of the Presidential Guard. And on that day the White House attacked by some unidentified armed forces. The officer shows miracles resourcefulness and courage, trying to save the life of your child, yourself, and the US president. "Storming the White House" - the fourth film Emmerich, which destroyed the residence of the head of the United States.

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Our Review:

Another American jingoistic patriotic action pro-terrorist villains. The plot is so reminiscent of the "Olympus Has Fallen", the new film directed "Independence Day" too, seems to be a parody. Black US President Dzheyms Soyer (Fox) early in the morning on three helicopters sent to the White House. He would like to once again enjoy their position and beautifully pass over Washington on low-level flight. This is a violation of the rules, but is it possible to deny the leader of the free world? At the same time desantnik- former "Afghan" Dzhon Keyl (Tatum), now bored guard the Capitol, rushing to the White House for an interview - he had a chance to realize their dream and settle in the presidential security service. With him he takes his daughter (Dzhoi King), who lives with his ex-wife - a girl raves big politics, and John hopes up in her eyes. During a short tour of the White House with his daughter Dad accidentally meet Sawyer, and then all of a sudden terrorist attack begins. Villains easily killed all vaunted guard the president, and Cale has to go to his rescue, along the way to democracy and to save their own child. At first, the film seems to be shot in all seriousness, but chauvinistic fervor greater than the normal limit, even for this genre. Very close match with a very recent film "Olympus Has Fallen" looks kind of arrogance creators, absolutely in anything that does not restrain its target audience. It even seems that such films do not except for the third world only in order to please the audience and burning pictures of the exploding White House. But over time, through the furious action movie and special effects epics becomes visible hooligan grin its creators apparently decided to earnestly bring all the clichés of American patriotic action to absurdity. Given that the director of the film was made by Roland Emmerich, famous for his brilliant parody of "Independence Day" and the recent "2012", saturated as the apocalyptic scenes, and good humor, "Storming the White House" should only be regarded as the relaxed neighing, looking once again at crumbling citadel of freedom and democracy. The obligatory happy ending here, too, no more than a joke humor.


User's Review:

Mr. President, at the White House was attacked by terrorists! - How! Only the day before yesterday were a zombie, yesterday we beat back the attack submarine Godzilla mutants! What will happen tomorrow. Sometimes it seems that America is a cursed place. In the big cities are operating plague animates undead, in the countryside so full of maniacs, werewolves, vampires, cannibals Indian ocean is teeming with giant sharks, ghost ship, lacking only lifts the killers and terrorists that we see in this kinoshke. Talk about Hollywood zashtampovannosti no longer want, because it has become a stamp. Lack of new ideas in the face, and it was not the first such film. Helpless President, the whims of which are performed at the first order, (September 11, learned nothing) president protection that our students would be able to shoot slingshots 20-year-old. The daughter of the main character, he carries around a lifetime of interviews. - Good afternoon! You to us for an interview. - Yes. But I'm not alone. I John, Lin Ming Xing, from his first marriage, and 12 sonnies and bunting daughter from the second. They are at the door. What normal person would go for an interview with a child-paying jobs? This is not an exam at the University to which the order that would soften the teacher brought the girls or babies underlay cushion under a sweater. In general, you decide! Experience for America? You want to see the heroic feats and brave Americans? Then buy the CD "Independence Day" and get pleasure from the good old kin.

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