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Justice overtake us all. No matter what

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Movie Length: 2:42

Genre: Thriller thriller detective fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Zack Snyder

Actors: Jackie Erl Heyli, Patrick Wilson, Karla Gudzhino, Billi Krudap, Mettyu Gud, Dzheffri Din Morgan, Matt Frewer, Stiven Makhetti, Laura Mennell, Malin Akerman

Budget: $ 130 million

Year: March 5, 2009

download Watchmen

Download Watchmen full movie for free. In the yard in 1985. "Keepers" - a social movement superheroes, once the victorious organized crime, the Japanese and the Vietcong - outlawed by presidential order banning costumed arbitrariness. But this is not their main problem. Main - that someone is in turn eliminates the members of the group, bringing their leader, Dr. Manhattan, before emigrating to Mars, and opening the way to Brezhnev on Kabul. The clock is ticking. Survivors of the characters begin to act and doubt.

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User's Review:

"Keepers" - a film lasting 2 and a half hours that pass, just quietly, because the film tightens. All the action takes place during the Cold War, but it is not hard facts, and alternative reality in which several superheroes, trying to uncover the possible conspiracy between the US and the USSR, as a result they can expect something unexpected, something that they could not imagine. Heroes, all heroes of this film are its "face", each remembered his charisma and attitude to the world. Extremely bright shows the contrast between, generations of superheroes, the new generation, for the most part, are just ordinary people who are not satisfied with the work of law enforcement bodies, they came to the defense of the city, so by the law verschit it touches. The style of the film is stored for a long time, on the one hand is a bloody battle, and on the other, nuarovsky detective, this promptness, gives excellent effect when viewing. The scenario is very good, never, do not understand this film, unless the inspection until the last second, and break all exactly fail. Bottom line, the film "Watchmen" is required for viewing, fans of comic books, superheroes and intricate stories.

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