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Download Unfriended full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:23

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: Russia, US

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Leo Gabriadze

Actors: Shelley Hennig, Mouses Storm, Reni Olsted, Uillyam Peltts, Dzheykob Vysotski, Kortni Helverson, Heather Sossamen Matthew Bohrer, Miki River, Kel Barns

Budget: $ 1 million

Year: July 9, 2015

download Unfriended

Download movie Unfriended for free. Usually in the evening after school. For Skype lovers and Mitch Blair connected friend - Adam, Jess, Ken and Val, and someone with a seventh Billy227 nickname. All sure that this computer glitch, as yet unknown to them begins to write. Billy wants to know who posted the Web scandalous video with their classmate Loroy Barns, due to which she had committed suicide. And he is ready to find out at any cost. Friends think that you can simply sign out of chat, but it only seems.

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Our Review:

Violinist from the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza!" Put online horror morality. Leo Gabriadze, a violinist from the cult tape Danelia "Kin-Dza-Dza!" Took horror. The real English-speaking youth horror - but still experimental. The entire film audience is invited to look at the screen laptop is one of the characters, which are developed and all events: crawls cursor blink browser, music player and Skype. A year after the suicide of a classmate Laura (Heather Sossamen), six high school students (Shelley Hennig, Mouses Storm and other actors, allegedly left the school walls for ten or more years ago) organize a group chat in to Skype. This is by no means a wake - of Laura did not remember, adolescents lack the actual problems. However, in the online conversation is wedged one - at first silent, then mysterious, and later all aggressive. The characters begin to believe that the seventh interlocutor may be the ghost of itself, Laura, decided to take revenge - and how to teens may try to prove that not involved in the incident, each of them there is an unpleasant secret. And then just a few. Writing tape "Remove from friends" unambiguous assessment difficult. Let's start with the fact that the experiment is definitely a success. Gabriadze and screenwriter Nelson Grivz proved that can be a half-hour show on the big screen flickering windows of different programs - but to organize the process so that the viewer's head is beginning to spin already in the 15th minute. The narrative turned out quite smooth, the audience may not notice all the parts scattered across the screen, but the story certainly did not err therein. However, he and the story complex, confusing and unpredictable will not name, but it is a common feature of most modern horror. However, despite the fact that the experiment was a success, a good movie from the "Remove from friends" did not work. The mouse pointer is a full-fledged character in the film - but the problem is that the actors played characters turned out not more interesting than the computer pointer. These are young people without backgrounds and colorful characters, but rather unpleasant for the most part. Except for the first time, causing a kind of sympathy, is that Blair did - this is probably due to the fact that employment in the respective roles played by Hennig slightly better than the rest. Among other things, the film has episodes (although not many) in which Blair frantically digging into their own mail or Facebook, and the remaining characters just asleep in their Skype-windows. It looks, to put it mildly, not very natural. However, the actor's game in this case is pointless to even discuss: the heroes of the film - a Skype faces in the windows, they exist in a vacuum and do not interact with each other, unless, of course, except for the interaction of heart-rending cries into the microphone. By the way, even frightened fails because of this isolation the characters while watching the "Remove from friends". There, in the distance, at the other end with a noisy impudent companion happened something bad? Oh well, his problem. And at the tape Gabriadze is morality. In short, the point is that the persecution of classmates - it's bad. However, under the influence of modern technology, this idea transformed and mutated - and here it is already quite possible to compare with the promise of "Trees 3", another painting in which creation Gabriadze participated as a director. At a New Year comedy we recall, was about the "boomerang good", which flies over the internet. "Remove from friends" - a film about the network "Boomerang of Evil", a tale with a moral for a generation of teenagers Skype. The authors seem to say to us, persecution - it is bad, but you know what's worse? Stories about his disgusting antics to Facebook. If we have spoiled, try for some time to stay away from social networks, understand children?


User's Review:

Days I have a feature film staring Unfriended, which in Russian is translated as "Remove from friends". Filmed this picture domestic director Leo Gabriadze. One of the producers was made notorious by Timur Bekmambetov. The film tells about that what American teenagers bold on the Internet (when sitting at home in the warmth and comfort). And about where all their courage drains if they offer a real danger, which is really deadly. After all, the same Blair, who is so fond of her boyfriend Mitch, awesome betrays him, if only to escape. In general, the film has turned out very solid horror. The film is a half hour, and it seems after seeing what took 40 minutes just is not quite clear why the director went on the introduction of the supernatural, when the film would have looked no less cheerfully, if all the things there would be explained scientifically. But this is my personal remark. Others may seem quite different. My final assessment of the film: very good 8 out of 10 points. Not a masterpiece, but just a cool movie.

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