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Free Turistas movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.3

Director: Dzhon Stokuell

Actors: Dzhosh Dyuamel, Melissa Dzhordzh, Oliviya Uayld, Desmond Askew, Bo Garrett, Maks Braun, Agles Stayb Miguel Lunardi, Jorge Co Cristiani Aparekida

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: December 7, 2006

download Turistas

Turistas download movie. The company of students from America decide to spend a vacation, traveling to Brazil. True their bus crashes, but young people do not get upset, especially since the beach with warm sand nearby and all around beauty and exotic, but familiar to the girls undress in full, do not hesitate. Being in a positive mood, they go to the local party, something hocus, and they are turned off in which the main characters. When he awoke, they soon realize that these places are not so harmless and beautiful, because now they have to fight for his life, escaping from ruthless people selling human organs.

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User's Review:

Satiated Americans came to have fun at the edge of a beggar. The difference between South America and North - in thousands of years. Americans do not understand that this is a world where there is no concept of good and evil. Here, as a thousand years - the ruler between people has always been a benefit. Heroes on the bus had to understand that there will not be American entertainment.

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