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Triangle download movie.

Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Thriller Horror Detective

Country: Australia, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Kristofer Smit

Actors: Melissa Dzhordzh, Dzhoshua Makivor, Dzhek Teylor, Maykl Dorman, Genri Nikson, Reychal Carpani, Emma Lang, Liam Hemsworth, Bryan Probets

Budget: $ 12 million

Year: August 27, 2009 (World)

download Triangle

Free download Triangle movie. Greg invites her friend Jess, a young single mother, to spend a day on a yacht in the circle of his friends. To develop a strong storm turns the ship, and the survivors are forced to wait for help, clinging to the upturned hull of the yacht. Salvation comes in the form of a huge ocean liner. The vessel is empty, the clock on board stopped. But they are not alone on this huge ship - for them, someone constantly watching.

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User's Review:

First, I will say that the first half hour of the film is a standard youth thriller that bothers her so downtrodden that makes off and do not examine myself. But do not do it, because below you will find more than just a movie template. "Triangle" in this regard is surprisingly good. First, the director prepares the viewer for the next "slasher", then deliberately confuses him, well and at the end of the action finishes - there is a kind of zest, there are questions - and that it actually was? But it turned out kind of porridge from an ax. The ingredients are not that expensive, the scenery, however, too. But the main thing that the "exit", is not it? Someone clearly seem that the picture is about the space-time continuum, some or even feel the state of deja vu epic world "Hellraiser", where the director is called, ironically chasing hero cursed circle, making it clear that the protagonist experiences his vision in a completely different world. But third, and did find a clue in the main character. But it is very symptomatic personnel. In the sense that the ordinary suffering from schizophrenia. And all her images are nothing more than a paranoid hallucinations that torment her in an endless circle. Endlessly repeating the situation in which so famously gets the main character and the lack of logic in their actions and deeds, is the essence of its history, there is a clue, if you want. All this endless running around on the ground, an endless vicious circle, but from the context of the film-endless triangle. Well yacht called «triangle» only a symbol here. Symbol whether the main character will be able to change themselves and their destiny.

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