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The Ward

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Movie Length: 1:29

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Dzhon Karpenter

Actors: Amber Heard, Memi Gammer, Danielle Panabaker, Lora Li, Lyndsy Fonseca, Jared Harris, Sali Sayler, Suzanna Berni, Shon Kuk

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: June 16, 2011

Download The Ward

Free download The Ward movie. After burning the house, a young girl, Christine arranged in 1966, the young lady was placed in a psychiatric hospital. Examine the victim charge Stringer doctor who specializes in alternative therapy methods. In addition to Christine, the treatment in the clinic are four girls. Soon the walls of the hospital begin to occur unexplained and strange things. Mysterious ghost wandering women pursuing Christine and the rest of the patient begin to disappear one after another. Who is behind this and what is the role of Dr. Stringer in this nightmare?

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Our Review:

Kristen (Amber Heard) for no apparent reason burned house, for which it is placed in a psychiatric clinic. Along with it there are treated four other girls her same age who do not look crazy, perhaps a bit hysterical and afraid of the dark. Kristen began to notice that the corridor at night walks a girl. As it turned out, it was a ghost of the former patient who was killed in the hospital. Ghost catches patients filthy, bony hands, kills acute surgical instruments or roasts on electroshock. Ghost no one can see but Kristen, but she does not feel crazy, blames the doctors and nurses and cruel means to escape from the hospital, taking with him the surviving patients. Dzhon Karpenter - recognized master of horror, slasher genre creator, director of "Halloween" and "Something", has long been not shot anything. And now I decided to recall old. In the '80s horror movies Carpenter dominates the minds of teenagers. "Chamber" resembles the very film. This is the usual horror film with his usual attributes and situations: screaming girls, who are being killed one by one, dark hospital corridor, with terrifying ghost mask on his head. This film is not cause to admire the old fans and the director does not surprise youth. Especially because in some scenes director cites himself. Carpenter was able to shoot a horror movie for ridiculous money, and cash they collected a hundred times more. also it looks cheap and the "Chamber": the action takes place in the space of one room with minimal decorations. This picture is good because you can remember the horror movies of thirty years ago: like you know that now opens the door and there will be a ghost, but I still shudder with horror. The director tried to keep the puzzle, one can not at all trust the person who is treated in a psychiatric hospital.

User's Review:

66th year, the American heartland, blonde Kristen (Heard) runs through the woods in a nightgown and set fire to a house - and then turns in a special wing of a psychiatric hospital. With her sitting in a strange way, the four girls about her age - with different behaviors, but quite sane; as it seems, and she did. In the same department is another girl - very aggressive and, most importantly, dead. The first ten years of Carpenter film, shot for the big screen, the least reminiscent of a "return" or something like that - it was a demon­tive conceptually modest thing, which the directors of its usual level­but make a couple of months between the large-scale projects, so as not to stand - and this strategy has both a challenge and a certain charm. A dozen actors, demi-star in the title role, a half of the interior, and a half hour - exemplary "ka­category of "B". Heroines like some comic Girls Band in between races­fall, in the hallway stomp sinister nanny, like a dead girl ran away from the cover of Iron Maiden, sometimes someone fried brain with electroshock, also more fervently than scary. Scorsese of about the same materi­la composes thundering symphony orchestra - Carpenter softly whistling a tune, but everyone knows how he can whistle (by the way, in the "House", as usual, a wonderful, though not karpenterovsky, soundtrack). Of course, this is not a new "Halloween" - and is possible if the new "Halloween" in an era of "Saw 7" - a film that we have seen a hundred times, with the final of another film that we've seen a hundred times. Mechanics, Machinery Trillo­Dr. exposed to the extreme, like clockwork for the transparent cover - every time it is clear, when you have to squint. Nevertheless zazhmurivaeshsya. These watches are well run, and that they show a year that way 85 minutes - is it's this bad.

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