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The Signal

Mysterious stranger luring three students into the wilderness, where they begin to happen is not entirely clear things

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Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Thriller fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: William Yubenk

Actors: Brenton Tueyts, Lorens Fishborn, Oliviya Kuk, Beau Knapp, Lin Shaye, Robert Longstreet, Patrick Davidson, Dzheffri Grouver, Roy Kenny, Timothy Holmes

Budget: $ 4,000,000

Year: September 4, 2014

Download The Signal

Free download The Signal movie. Fi thriller. Three students hackers suddenly begin to receive mysterious messages from a stranger under the name Nomad. But they are not even aware that they are dealing not with a person but with extraterrestrial intelligence. After a series of inexplicable accidents friends flee from dangerous traps, but are immediately hunted "men in black" who believe that after contact hackers can pose a threat to all humanity. The film "Signal" was first shown at the festival of independent cinema "Sundance".

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Our Review:

Low-budget cross between a youth and a sci-fi thriller about three computer geniuses decided to calculate and punish the network troll, bring down their servers. Boston MIT student Nick (Brenton Tueyts), his girlfriend Hayley (Oliviya Kuk) and best friend John (Bo Knapp) ride on an old Volvo 240 in California. But the journey is far from cloudless conditions. Nick legs cancer, and it is hard going through translation Haley in another college. She, in turn, tries to convince him that this is not the reason for the break in relations. Everything else is unknown hacker with the nickname Nomad unleashed MIT server and continues all the way to troll trinity. Calculating the IP-address of the Nomad, the young people in the night come to visit him, but they show only an abandoned hut with a basement, where there is nobody. And then they find themselves in a very strange laboratory, where under the guidance chained in a biochemical suit Dr. Damon (Lourens Fishbern) was something incomprehensible. Before us is the second directorial work operator and frequenter "Sundance" William Yubenka. His first film "Love", shot for $ 500,000, forced to talk about him as a promising and talented author. "Signal" has a budget of $ 4 million, however, by the standards of modern science fiction movie, is a little more. Overall, the picture resembles a series of "Twilight Zone", stretched to a full meter. The plot starts out as a youth slasher, turns into a sci-fi suspicious scientists and sinister extraterrestrial intelligence, to this is added a little action with really interesting special effects. However, the traditional style of the series to tell some scary story in which there is not much development, but simply piled a few strange incidents, ill-suited for a full meter. In the absence of study of the characters of the characters and the development of story lines to watch a movie simply boring.

User's Review:

Cook. A sense of all realized very remotely. I myself saw it on the second day, and this movie is good - after taste. I explain the meaning. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Yes it on the ship, all this alien experiment that its (their) stolen, but! A very important point! One made a hand - the other leg. Why would aliens - robots with electronic brains, rather than biological technology that made perfect on so many that we could replace all the parts of his body with artificial and more sophisticated. So open secret. They were able to replace all the parts of their bodies, but they could not figure out where and what is the soul, and therefore love. Those clones (soulless) which they created became mad - because the human person does not legs or hands, and the soul, which they failed to create. According to this experiment is not finished. Then they planned to have one hand in the upgrade, upgrade zabatsat his legs, and that one leg - his hands. The idea is that they will be in parts of kramsat in search of the soul. and check whether or not the love remains - well, that's rude. Please note that the girl they needed only to motivate the protagonist - it is kept in suspended animation. They told him and tyutyulku not otyapali on this - the hormones, chemistry - study demons. But the man is the soul, the second hand is not the hand, and he will not be able to print already - why live. He realized that they were in any illusions. So perfection that has been achieved has meant that it was possible to synchronize the implants with his central nervous system, as well as the implants are capable of more than a foot of man, it was necessary to "force" the test to overcome the psychological barrier of limitations and the people darted at the end at a rate of more the sound velocity (where it is still "sound barrier," overcomes). That's what they need, and the calf and the whole theme - they all knew in advance! They gave them the opportunity to escape - note - their emphasis not notice when he rolled a gurney with the girls! In short they are now his whole body gradually gash, and it will manage them to your brain, I realized a member of his leave. Aliens have concluded and proved by experiment that the best thing - a symbiosis, but for some reason it did not succeed on the basis of only implants (including the brain - the boss who is also a robot in fact) to unleash the piece of iron (legs, arms) . And they hyped their only biological processes - hormones secrets - so hyped that with his hands - the concrete began to crumble, and the frail. In short make him Hulk - Superman. This is a unique creation and that aliens do so can not, therefore, be able to conduct experiments. That's all, I must say the meaning of encrypted movie. Capabilities of the human brain - the limitless creator steeper any civilization he created. And find a way to 100% integration with the ability to work extreme mode is actually unravel the whole algorithm creator and do at his level. The goal of any civilization that created the image - to achieve perfection and closer to the creator. In time for the biological body during life - to become a god. Their bodies are long gone, but they are only now close to unlocking - how to create the perfect body.

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