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The Ring Two

The Ring Two download movie.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.4

Director: Hideo Nakata

Actors: Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Sissi Speysek, Saymon Beyker, Elizabeth Perkins, Geri Koul, Ryan Merriman, Emily VanCamp, Kelly Overton, Dzheyms Lezher

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: April 7, 2005

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The Ring Two download movie. The second film directed by Hideo Nakata became - the creator of the original Japanese films "The Ring" and "The Ring 2". Continuation of the story begins with the fact that the main character of Rachel with her son Aidan decide to move as far away from the terrible events, and opt for this small town of Astoria, Oregon. However, soon after their arrival committed the murder, and the crime scene again find unsigned videotape. Rachel realizes that the evil Samara did not leave them, but this time she craves not only numerous deaths. Its main goal - Aidan, by means of which it intends to commit his crimes.

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User's Review:

The sequel, as is often the custom, is worse than the original. Not always, of course, but as a rule. Suffice it to recall the second part of the unsuccessful "Scream," "The Hangover" and the third "American Pie" and "Home Alone" to understand that the rule of the sequel is quite a work in real life. So inspired by the commercial success of the American "Ring", the creators with confidence in even greater success took up a sequel. And it paid off, of course. It has paid off because the "Call", a gorgeous, in fact, horror, one of the best films in the genre, has become obsolete soon after his graduation. No, he was quite self-sufficient and so terrible, as it was possible, but that's it. One story. One film. However, the rustling green bills beckons, and now the writers brainstorm come up with a new script, and director Hideo Nakata preparing to shoot a continuation of the acclaimed thriller. The second "Ring" is nothing other than the sucked from the finger story with already applied before the viewer intimidation techniques. Full of sadness, and scripting flaws samopovtorov movie - shadow of the cult horror - had lost power over the audience, and it was a failure. There is no longer any fear of dripping water, wells, and the fact that the TV suddenly turns on. A bunch of obscure scenes with the expectation of the most impressionable audience, acting as if under the lash, and zero atmosphere. After the first "Ring" did not want to get out from under the blanket, while the latter want to quickly switch off and forget. Greed certain circle of people ever ruined cinema.

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