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The Quick and the Dead

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Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Action Thriller Western

Country: US, Japan

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Sem Reymi

Actors: Sheron Stoun, Dzhin Hekmen, Rassel Krou, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobin Bell, Roberts Blossom Kevin Conway, Kit Devid, Lance Henriksen, Geri Siniz

Budget: $ 32 million

Year: February 10, 1995 (World)

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The Quick and the Dead download movie. Dzhon Irod terrorizes a small town, which seized power by force. He arranges a tournament for the best shooters of the Wild West that can compete for a prize of 123,000 dollars. But winning is not so easy, because Herod magnificently shoots with both hands, and it is extremely difficult to beat. Besides, among the participants of the tournament it is a lot of those involved is not so much for the prize money, how much for the opportunity to get even with his enemy - John Herod, who managed to spoil the lives of so many. For her role in "Quick and the Dead" Sheron Stoun received the award "Saturn" in 1996.

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User's Review:

This, failures in their time in the office and not very warmly received in the 95th year, mass audience, Western took a wonderful and much needed today, the American director of the, by the way, a Jewish family of immigrants from Hungary and the Russian Empire Sem Reymi ( "Drag Me to Hell "," Man- spider "), then gathered in one place the whole flower of the big stars, and making a great and strange circumstances underrated film that to this day perfectly and with pleasure I have personally reviewed. This is the story of a mysterious woman - clockwise Ellen Hanlon nicknamed "Ace" who comes once in a dirty little town of the Wild West to participate in the tournament by shooting at a prize of 123 000 dollars, reminiscent in its essence a classic duel, and organized by the ruthless bandit and a complete scoundrel, John Herod, to seize by force the post of the mayor of this town. At the tournament attracts the best of the West and the arrow passes it on to the Olympic system one by one - at the beginning of the tournament winner is established after the shots on the feet, but since the middle of the tournament - a survivor. Dzhon Irod, being a consummate marksman himself performs in the tournament, and later found out that many people, including herself, Ellen, act here is not for the money, each have their own scores to settle accounts with the old tyrant and a cold-blooded killer. Sem Reymi, along with writer Simon Moore ( "Under Suspicion," "Traffic") set up in every sense of the fascinating, tense and dynamic history with excellent and realistic scenery, costumes and complex plot, which will present to the audience while watching a lot of surprises. Sexy and always stylish Sheron Stoun ( "Basic Instinct," "Gloria"), which was quite a surprise to see in a hat and with a gun at the ready, in my opinion, very dignified and with a male character played, possessed the place of women and the role of Ellen Hanlon it It was, by the way, nominated for "Saturn". A brilliant and brutal Dzhin Hekman ( "Heartbreakers," "The French Connection"), elegant and with a twinkle played the role of the main villain Dzhona Iroda and reportedly the coolest on the set snatched the revolver out of the holster. Young and dials while momentum, Leonardo DiCaprio again perfectly and clearly showed himself as a handsome, favorite of women and hot upstart, nicknamed "Little Boy", and unknown at the time Rassel Krou ( "Gladiator," "American Gangster" ), which, like DiCaprio, pushed through in this moment she Sheron Stoun, confidently and with his usual charisma played a priest's court, whom Herod forced to participate in the tournament. there is also lit up and please the eye Tobin Bell ( "Saw"), Lance Henriksen ( "Hard Target"), Geri Siniz ( "Forrest Gump") and Bryus Kempbell ( "Evil Dead"). If you do this film for some reason missed, do not listen to anyone and do not read reviews inflated critics see it all means, even if you do not particularly like Westerns, and believe me, the pleasure will not pass by you.

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