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The Omen

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Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Dzhon Mur

Actors: Liv Shrayber, Dzhuliya Staylz, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Predrag Belak, Carlo Sabatini, Bohumil Svarch, Giovanni Lombardo Raditse

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: June 6, 2006

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The Omen download movie. The American diplomat Robert Thorn dying newborn son. To hide it from his wife, he was persuaded by a strange priest to replace his son's baby, whose mother died in childbirth. Baby supposedly is the Antichrist, what Robert is not interested in mysticism and apocalyptic ideas, long believed. Until it finds the skull of the child number "666", the sign of the apocalyptic beast.

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Our Review:

The first changed the idea of ​​realization of universal evil. According to director Dzhona Mura's happened so many disasters in the past few years - both natural and man-made, it is impossible not to notice this. Therefore, in the scene in the Vatican audience, by sounding the Italian line of Scripture, see recruitment of newscast - the planes crashing into the Twin Towers on 11 September, the war in Iraq, the tsunami in Orleans and Thailand. And in one of the final scenes of the characters, examining poetic prophecy, which refers to the arrival of the Antichrist, will remember and policies, and the European Union. From this fraction of a second it becomes ridiculous. The main characters - the couple Robert and Ketrin Torn (Liv Shrayber and Dzhuliya Staylz) - has become much younger. According to the director, because he was able to make their particular problems more understandable wide range. Robert - a successful politician, who loves his wife dearly. Katherine is more than anything else wants a baby. But delivery end tragically - the baby dies. The hospital priest, Spiletto father, a man offers to protect his wife from the experiences and to adopt the boy, who had just been born to another woman. And little lie generates a great evil. The film seems to want to remind people that evil - it is not a theory, and has a very human face. Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, who plays Damien, was a big success for this film. This seemingly ordinary cheeked baby looking askance and likes to draw his nanny hanged. It is said that he looked so organically during the casting, the footage, where a small actor on a swing, and sitting next to a huge rottweiler, hit the movie trailer. As you know - the dog remained. But with her throughout the film, strange things happen. During the children's party sitter Damien to suicide brings a hypnotic gaze Shepherd. Further, in the film appear only Rottweilers. Migrated from the original film and the second nurse boy. But if the film 1976. Mrs. Baylock (played Billi Uaytlou) strikes fear one of its kind, the nurse performed Miy Farrow leave viewers in the dark throughout the film. This charming woman, with a pleasant smile and bright eyes, fanatically devoted to their profession. And is ready to do anything for the boy. The film is the stunning beauty and organically each frame. Picture scared every second. And not for a moment does not leave a feeling of fear and imminent disaster. Gorgeous cinematography and sound perfectly complements the series (and what a horror film without depressing music?). All the worst, as it should be, occurs suddenly. Horror wants to cover his face with his hands. And look the other way. Because, in spite of the known ending - terribly interesting.

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