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The Mist

A screen adaptation of Stephen King's dark story with an unusual ending

The Mist download movie.

Movie Length: 2:00

Genre: Thriller Horror Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2

Director: Frank Darabont

Actors: Tomas Dzheyn, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Tobi Dzhons, Uilyam Sedler, Dzheffri Demann, Frances Sternhagen, Neytan Gembl, Alexa Davalos

Budget: $ 18 million

Year: November 22, 2007

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Free The Mist movie torrent. In a small American town collapsed storm, people were left without electricity and telephone service, and then the neighborhood started to wrap thick white fog ... At the same time, not paying attention to what is happening, an exemplary family man David and his five year old son went to the supermarket, noting at road unusual police activity. Once in the store with a group of citizens, they realized with horror that dwells in the fog something terrible. Supermarket walls get their strengthening from a mysterious something. People are afraid to go outside because whiteout absorbs all who dare to face off with her own.

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Our Review:

Frank Darabont ( "The Green Mile," "The Shawshank Redemption") once again filmed by Stephen King. Moreover, the film begins with a frame on which the artist draws the poster for the film adaptation of kingovskoy the "Dark Tower". If you add on the scale and successful nightmarish adaptation of King's last clearly outweigh, so that cruising has long been rumors of a possible transfer to the screen adventure arrow cause a desire to yell at the same time joy and terror. Darabont on this issue have already proved their capabilities - an impressive list of Oscar nominations for past experiences proof. He was able to find some only his inherent techniques that help to convey the atmosphere of a true author. "The Mist", however, is clearly inferior to "prison" period of artistic value, but even really try, you can not really mess up one of the best books of the writer. Director of "The Green Mile", however, is on and is not able to - he filmed, as before, very emotional. The trouble is that kingovskie monsters are moving very hard on the screen. "King of Horror" love's not for visual images. So clear narisovanna all these teeth, claws and tentacles somewhat spoils the overall picture. However, they quickly get used to it and stop paying attention - the director quickly makes it clear that he takes, in general, not a horror movie. The plot is not new - a group of different people in a confined space is in danger, and the danger of confusing. Terror not only unites but also divides: very fast society is split into small groups in relation to the situation - someone together strengthens storefront bags of dog food and making torches of brush and kerosene, someone remembers the end of the world and Zvezdu- sagebrush and other play-believe do not believe, dare open the door and go home. Characters do not have a particular color, but there are very realistic: the young teacher, cashier plump, pretty saleswoman, a visiting biker and local religious fanatic in a brilliant performance Marcia Gay Harden perfectly stored. The fact that they are all locked up in a supermarket could be seen as the embodiment of a consumer society (Romero hello), but no - Darabont did not bump into sociology. All this is just people, ordinary people caught in unusual situations. So if you really and draw parallels with the Spilbergovskoy "War of the Worlds." And ordinary people they speak on who is to blame and what to do, make plans, quarrel, reconciled, joking, and the next second squeal with horror. King wrote his story during the Cold War. Dialogues still not lost its relevance, but the director decided to change the ending. It is said that the King loved, and he promised to kill a journalist who thinks of disheveled than it will end. I will not risk to fall under the hand of vengeful author, especially because it would disclose such decoupling is really a crime. I can only say that Darabont is very simple and at the same time shocking shown us that even the most correct, the most logical, the most justifiable acts can lead to the most unexpected result.


User's Review:

Disgusting film. Terribly annoyed hysterical mad preacher, which alone could be heard throughout the film. Final and all shook me: what the author wanted to say, I did not understand. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? If he wanted to show the crowd phenomenon, there is clearly not the case: the main character was able to break out of the store with his son and two other visitors, which, however, did not save him from a terrible ending. On the other hand, sit back, too, it would be foolish, given that the monsters are to break into the room. I got the idea that maybe it was necessary to still stay in the store, waiting for the National Guard under the American fighters. Yes, it looks like this: brave American military once - millions - of times still have saved the whole world.

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