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The Last Stand

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Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Kim Jee-woon

Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Dzhonni Noksvil, Rodrigo Santoro, Dzheymi Aleksandr, Luis Guzmán, Eduardo Noriega, Peter Stormare, Zach Gilford, Dzhenezis Rodrigez, Garri Din Stenton

Budget: $ 45 million

Year: February 21, 2013

Download The Last Stand

Free download The Last Stand movie. Criminal action with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. The most dangerous and brutal drug gang escapes from under the escort of the FBI. Taking hostages, they rush to the Mexican border to the armored, equipped with first-class weapons car. In their way stands a quiet town, the order in which monitors Sheriff Owens. Once he was one of the best cops in Los Angeles, now he's back.

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Our Review:

The return of Arnolda Shvartseneggera in the insurgents genre after ten years spent outside of Hollywood, and demonstrating his excellent physical shape. The most dangerous drug lord Cortez (Noriega) escapes from the FBI and hostage taking, rushes to the Mexican border to the ultra-fast armored vehicle Corvett ZR1. His attempts to stop Bannister agent (Whitaker) - at its disposal the police and special forces. But Cortez easily overcomes all obstacles, unaware of what a tough nut lies ahead. Meanwhile, Cortez's aides put the camp in the quarry, located near the small Arizona town. There, the order follows the Sheriff Owens (Schwarzenegger), a former Los Angeles police officer, who left the city after the death of friends. Spit find a rock here. And to confront the gang of thugs is a magnificent four Owens: fragile girl-cop Sarah (Alexander), fat little man-Mexican (Guzman), drunk bully Frank (Santoro) and the local loony in a fur hat Dink (Knoxville). In the case of "Maxim" will even Russian machine gun. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, and this says it all. If the movie The Last Stand, translated here as "Return of the Hero", did not exist, it certainly should have been invented. For an unbiased and untainted intellect viewer, this picture will appear in the happiness of pure, distilled form. And despite the fact that the script is based on such obvious clichés, it seems that you're looking at the same time all the militants immediately. But some say - stupid rip-off, we say - good old classic. Korean director Kim Dzhi Woon ( "Bittersweet Life", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird"), brought up on Hollywood movies, happily immersed himself in his first foreign experience of filmmaking in a truly American story, a modern western about the confrontation between good and evil. The Last Stand is primarily a children's cinema, and the attitude to be appropriate. Most of this polarity will please teenagers and generation of forty years, who know about such a thing as a video room. Amateur circuses just a little more seriously should not even go to the "Return of the Hero" in the film - the joy of such a person will not feel, alas.

User's Review:

After reading a bunch of reviews and looked disappointing box office, (such Arnie has not been since the days of the movie "No compromise") was thought; whether to go to this movie? But still I decided for Schwarzenegger was and is for me - an idol. I was pleased with what he saw, the feeling that returned to the atmosphere, where most of the tricks done in vibrant, computer graphics - at least a little nachudili with car collision. But. In comparison, what is now happening in Hollywood blockbusters - many thanks to the creators. Just look was the trailer for "Die Hard 5", it was enough to fight off the desire to watch this part of the film, (Willis Just - disappointing more and more). Many write about the primitive and predictable plot, partly - yes, guessed the plot lines and conventional dies, however, many times do not happen the way you imagine for a moment before the event. I think - it is impossible to make a complaint to this genre, those who says it, let them go look fantasy, comic drama with the other actors, and a completely different format. A striking example - the trailer of the new movie with Tom Cruise, "Oblivion", a name - and a movie. Is not a broken record, as a result of the raid on the planet earth destroyed the city and killed humanity, show ruined the Pentagon, but a small group of people still survived, and the slogan of the protagonist, "I will not let humanity perish" makes a mockery of and vomiting. And no one criticizes the film. But back to the "return of the hero." When watching, sometimes it seems that they took something out of a number of films, as there are elements, like a parody of the "Fast and Furious", a parody of a western, when changing vehicles in a hamlet on the ones that went in the early 20th century, the last century. But this does not spoil the movie. There is no longer dominated by Schwarzenegger, is not only depends on him the outcome of events, this is not John Matrix from "Commando" then gave significantly stand out in the frame of his assistants, who also fought desperately with the guys that make the path smooth fugitive. But here's the head of the FBI division, though effectively led the operation to capture and tried to do everything possible, but the result - zero, to the extent that as many as sheriff of a small town, I had to catch him on the border. It is of course minus the movie, not the plot, give a sports car to drive half of the country, without being able to detain. Clearly, Arnie, though not alone shooting villains, but will delay the fugitive alone. But the inability to work capture the fugitive during a time writers could. Separate credit goes to the finals, again, a red car, noticed in the beginning of the film, inadvertently made it clear that he still will flash in the frame later, but the chase is over, and where it will take place - this is a surprise. And finally - the final fight, honestly - did not expect that even Arnie will throw the weapon. Of course - it's not John Metriks not Mark Kaminski, not "Dutch" no Ivan Danko, not Ben Richards, not Dag Kueyd, and Dzhek Sleyter, but we must not forget that Arnie plays an elderly sheriff, what resembles a dialogue before the fight with specialties peculiar to films with Arnold exchanges Karon phrases "you ruined my car", "you ruined my day off." Surprised and outcome of fight. In summary we can say - it's a very good movie for this genre, with well-posed scenes of shootings, did not think so please minimitsatsiya computer graphics. However, with the hero Nokvsvila, wince, not so crazy to have such access to weapons, and fight desperately on a par with the police, it spoils the picture, the humor should be, but not like that. Despite the old-Arnold, the scene with him look -good. Here, he walked away from his role of the late 90's, it is impossible to demonstrate the violence on the screen and kill as little as possible of people in the film. Head shots, the bad guys, is much more interesting, they deserve it. The film is particularly well looks in comparison with the last work of Arnold. Remember "The 6th Day" and "Damages" and there was a director named.

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