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The Killing Room

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Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Dzhonatan Libesman

Actors: Nik Kennon, Clea DuVall, Timothy Hutton, Hloya Sevini, Peter Stormare, Shi Uighem, Anoop Kaur Sikand, Bill Stinchcomb, Meade Patton, Lyuk Sekston


Year: August 12, 2010

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Free download The Killing Room movie. Four volunteers agreed to participate in a psychological experiment, which makes the government. They closed in a white room, where there are only tables and chairs. But instead of the usual questionnaires they face brutal study of the human psyche, where they are - only experimental facilities. All the exits are blocked, and the only thing that can help them, this is the right answer to the question. But not everyone will be able to get out of this room.

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User's Review:

The US Army and the American flag for a long time do not cause such fear, as before. Times change. Very fast. - But there are limits. - On the need to fight fire with fire. © The killing room Actions in the film revolves around the laboratory, or rather, the room in which the object of study becomes four. They offered a simple test, for which the completion of each will receive a monetary reward. It would seem that everything is very simple. But after a while it becomes clear that all of these tests are a waste of time and the results are not interested researchers. This was our heroes said Dr. Phillips (Peter Stormare) - a man standing at the head of the experiment. And as he made clear, the study continues, but in a different direction: in the course of research will be screened by one person, and so until there is some one. In spite of this monastery in the form of $ 250 promised to all, regardless of how the account will come down from the race test. If they knew our heroes that survive only one - would be willing to take part in this experiment, in the name of their country? death room - another psychological thriller that had no success among Russian viewers, although the idea of ​​the film was realized, in my opinion, perfect. experiments on the human psyche were held in the laboratory, which is artificially introduced into a stressful situation. It was very important to isolate weakling and eliminate it in order to get closer to your goal - to find the same one who will become a sort of salvation for the country (future terrorists from America). In this film made in the form of morally motivated Emili Reyli (Kloe Sevini), which in itself was struggling with the desire to help the test run, considering the experiments are not humane. If a young psychologist and remained a shred of humanity, in the Dr. Phillips was absent. For the sake of the country, he was ready for drastic measures, even if they have long since been banned by law. Fight fire with fire, or in the words of Dr. Phillips - with the need to fight fire with fire. After watching the film there are mixed feelings: on the one hand, you know Phillips, on the other - one wonders: Is there no other methods of struggle with the same terror? On the one hand it is better to sacrifice the lives of four people, but to save the lives of thousands. On the other - who are we, the people are to decide who should die tomorrow, to save us all? I would love to appreciate the film by 10 points, but still in some moments the actors not completed, not fully disclosed their characters, so I put 8 points, which in my opinion is much appreciated.

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