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The Italian Job

The Italian Job download movie.

Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: US, UK, France

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: F. Geri Grey

Actors: Donald Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Dzheyson Steytem, ​​Set Grin, Mos Def, Fausto Kallegarini Stefano Petronella, Fabio Scarpa

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: September 18, 2003

Download The Italian Job

Download movie The Italian Job for free. Professional safecracker Dzhon Bridzher is planning its last robbery. He assembles a team of professionals involved in the burglary of safes and they carefully make a plan robbery. The thing done brilliantly and everyone gets their share of the gold, but not all were satisfied with its size. The team found a traitor who killed John and fled with the loot. Other members of the gang decide to take revenge and going to a new deal, this time it will be a brilliantly implemented a plan of revenge.

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User's Review:

"The Italian Job" (original title "The Italian Job") - a strong and a good boevichok scam, shot a talented master of this genre of American F. Gary Gray ( "The Negotiator," "Law Abiding Citizen"), based on an old, classic and eponymous film 1969 with Michael Caine in the title role. The plot revolves around an aging robber Dzhon Bridzher decides to retire, but only after the last case involving the theft of a large consignment of gold bars, which he entrusts to crank his good friend and professional safecracker Charli Krokeru and his team consisting of Steve Frazelli - special on introduction, Rob - seasoned racer, computer genius Lyle, and an explosives expert nicknamed left ear. The surgery is performed brilliantly and flawlessly, and all enjoy the victory, but among the team is a traitor, who assumes the entire jackpot. Trying to destroy all my colleagues on the case, he kills Dzhona Bridzhera. All surviving team with joined them charming Stella, daughter of John who was killed, too, a great specialist in hacking, but only works for the police, are now trying to get on the trail cunning traitor, to avenge his friend and return. This film is definitely not enough stars from heaven, and on "Oscar" such creations are usually not nominated, and do not need anything extra to this genre, all of what we like good and quality movies dashing criminals and Fine robberies are present in fully plot, a charismatic main character, charming bastard, mandatory beauty, joker, burly, excellent dialogues, great alluring money and indispensable risk dazzled and breathtaking during playback. Composition crept here besides a rare star, where popular today, Mark Wahlberg ( "Fighter", "Phenomenon"), a diverse Edward Norton ( "Rounders," "The Painted Veil"), luxurious and Oscar-winning Charlize Theron ( "24 hours" "Walk in the clouds"), the venerable Donald Sutherland ( "Fierce people"), humorist Set Grin ( "Dodgeball"), brutal Dzheyson Steytem ( "Chaos"), rapper Mos Def ( "16 blocks") very adequately shown themselves in the team and none of them are over-tighten too much attention to yourself, well, except that gorgeous Norton, who play at the lower of its ovnya just can not, it seems to me. I doubt that anyone missed at the time the film such kinoshki Well always have the people in the top, but if suddenly there are such, that without my advice, "The Italian Job" you will certainly find itself.

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