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The Invasion

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Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Thriller fiction

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 5.9


Actors: Nicole Kidman, Deniel Kreyg, Dzheremi Nortem, Dzhekson Bond, Dzheffri Rayt, Veronika Kartrayt, Yozef Zommer, Celia Weston, Rodzher Ris, Eric Benjamin

Budget: $ 80 million

Year: November 8, 2007

Download The Invasion

The Invasion download movie. The story of a mysterious epidemic, suddenly engulfed the planet. It sends to the inhabitants of a small town are introduced on the planet by aliens. A mysterious epidemic alters the behavior of the people: they are unusually calm and composed, but begin to feed an inexplicable aversion to pets, and they are beginning to panic afraid of their owners. Gradually, the epidemic is spreading throughout the world: it is manifested in the fact that the warring nations and peoples (eg, Israel and the Arabs) cease hostilities and enter into a peace treaty. DC psychiatrist named Carol tries to find the key to a cure of the disease, but soon realizes that otgadka lies in her son, and the nature of the virus - an extraterrestrial.

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User's Review:

Indeed, the mother saves her child is capable of anything. The film is quite interesting. Here especially it carries an emotional game live actors rather than the story itself, which, it is fair to say, is original from the other films in its genre. Nicole Kidman and Deniel Kreyg look in their roles incredibly organic. Good plays kid plays the son of the main character. In my opinion, the ending was a bit crumpled: for example, although the film, and it was clear that the scientists develop a vaccine, the audience did not see exactly how and for what period of time managed to defeat the epidemic disease become a pandemic. That is, I did not have a more detailed account of the story. In general - all in moderation: the film is loose, boring long conversations there, all running around - just so perky. In my opinion, the film is quite flat in terms of some director's unexpected turns. Once you can see.

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