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The Hitcher

Download movie The Hitcher for free.

Movie Length: 1:24

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Deyv Meyers

Actors: Shon Bin, Sofiya Bush, Zahari Nayton, Nil Makdonaf, Kayl Devis, Skip O'Brien, Travis Schuldt, Danny Bolero, Dzheffri Hatchinson, Yara Martinez

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: May 17, 2007

Download The Hitcher

Free download The Hitcher movie. A couple of students Jim and Grace go on a weekend to your friends. Along the way, they do not notice the voter on the road a man and knocked him. Fearing the consequences, as well as the surrounding circumstances - a dark night, a desert road and heavy rain - friends are leaving the scene. However, at the nearest gas station turn to them like a human companion was shot down by them and asks them to give him a ride to the motel. The guys agree that becomes their fatal mistake.

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Our Review:

The film begins with the strange figures that the case, in general, do not include the 42 000 people killed on the roads of America for the year. Everything - from the hands of psychopaths, I suppose. Then, moving unnaturally computer rabbit runs across the road and becomes the first victim of the new film. Once we see a standard sweet couple of students traveling on vacation on an old, but very loud machine. Them into the windshield enters the second victim - a dragonfly, not less digital than the rabbit. Dragonfly wash bottle with water, making it clear to the audience that all seen the creature of God (including students) are symbolic figures. Today, he says, we have fun, we eat the grass, waving its wings and go on vacation, and tomorrow by chance - join the 42 th thousands. And we have, so to speak, to brush away from the glass and not notice. Music video director Deyv Meyers, who directed the film, has decided that the '21 - enough time. For 21 years, in his opinion, it is possible to grow a pair of confused students, improved special effects and completely forget the icy eyes Rutger Hauer. With the first two statements must agree, but the latter, fortunately, is not true. Forget that it is impossible to fellow travelers. It was the way the demon, who came out of nowhere, gone nowhere. He fearlessly take life in the name of some one known to him purpose. It was impossible to judge, it was only possible to be afraid of. But it was Rutger Hauer and, as it turned out after some time - he played in the cult psychological thriller. We are dealing here with Sean Bean and remake, designed for a young audience. Heroes was originally two, and, sadly, they are in love. Consequently, the light erotic scenes and dialogues, "and you thought if the children?" Can not be avoided. By the way, unlike the first "fellow travelers" of dialogues in the second shamelessly much. Changing the girl-boy places by the end of the film (here between trucks stretched the boy that much less aesthetically pleasing) director has enabled young Sofii Bush effectively pose with weapons in their hands and in a miniskirt on a background of a dying police car. And Shon Bin, to honor him say, well cope with the task. He is very convincing and sometimes even scary played weary life, a little rumpled and totally psycho bandit. He just really wants to die and does not like drivers who do not follow the road. It can be understood.

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