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The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground download movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Thriller Crime History Biography

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Skott Uoker

Actors: Nikolas Keydzh, Dzhon Kyusak, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Dean Norris, Olga Valentine, Maykl Makgreydi, Brad William Henke, Radha Mitchell, Fifti Sent Catherine Lanas, Dzhodi Lin O'Keefe, Mett Dzherald, Dzhina Mantenya, Kevin Dunn, Kurt Fuller, Ryan O'Nan

Budget: $ 27,220,000

Year: July 25, 2013

Download The Frozen Ground

Download movie The Frozen Ground for free. Thriller about a serial killer and the police. All were convinced that Robert Hansen - a decent family man, a bakery owner and glorious hunter. No one suspected that he actually - a ruthless maniac who kidnapped and killed more than twenty women. Only 17-year-old Sindi Polson managed to escape from the killer. It leads to the trail of a maniac cop who begins a dangerous investigation. No one believes him: Hansen - too decent a man to such an accusation. But stubborn cop knows his stuff and has to reach the end. The film "frozen ground" based on real events that occurred in Alaska in the 1980s.

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Our Review:

Depressive crime thriller, one of which was produced by Fifti Sent. Also a kind of quality mark, if you will. The picture of the owner of the bakery, which proved to be a serial rapist and murderer, have almost everything they need, but something is clearly not enough. When applying for analogies to the art of bread-making, we can say that a lot of rolls (whatever you mean by them), and raisins enough. And like properly selected ingredients are mixed in strange proportions. The story, which occurred in Alaska in the early '80s, affects even the number of victims (about 20 young women, some are not identified, some are not able to associate it with this case), and how long the killer Robert Hansen (Dzhon Kyusak) succeeded avoid not only punishment but also the slightest suspicion of heinous crimes. He already had drives and a prison sentence, he was registered as a manic-depressive psychosis, he was twice accused of trying to kidnap and rape a prostitute Cindy (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), who managed to escape from the maniac, it identified and was ready to swear in a court. But the case is not kleilos: prostitute did not believe there was no direct evidence. Police came to the rescue gallant National Guard in the face of Sergeant Jack Halkomba (Nikolas Keydzh). Here, it would seem, should begin to spin round - osatanevshih opposition from the general apathy and stupidity sergeant and arrogant, cunning, self-Hansen's own security. But the rate for some reason was not made for them, and Cindy - the only surviving victim. This girl is extremely mobile, it is all the time somewhere runs, first at home, then the maniac, and then by a pimp, then from the club, from the hospital, the house sheltered her sergeant, airport and so on. Constant chaotic movement Cindy formed the basis of the whole plot, it pokromsat pretty and spoiled. Struggle as one between a defender of law and order and the offender is not here. One has to fight with the bureaucracy, mistrust prosecutor, doubts his wife's antics and the surviving victim. Another - with bad weather and regular sobbing girl. Tenacious hooker wedged in the most interesting moments and instead of merging storylines throws them away. Together sergeant and a maniac rather tired, converge only in the final. Here, of course, is to look at, especially if you like unexpected transformation (Stenli Tuchchi in "Lovely bones" and Robin Williams in "Insomnia"). But the final will spill rivers of black mascara, it will be told another story of a standard hard childhood and generally do everything that exciting of tragic stories have something unintelligible and certainly without raisins.

User's Review:

Recently, foreign cinema is moving away from the zombie attacks and switches maniacs. If we compare the film with "Maniac" walked out not long ago, with Elijah Wood and the "Emergency Call" with Holli Berri, you can say "frozen ground" significantly loses. Even though Nicolas Cage has finally managed to remove from the face of this puppy expression, showing just dobermanovskuyu grip, the film is not saved. Dzhon Kyusak in the role of a maniac somehow unconvincing. In general, the impression is left incomplete after seeing as though there is not that spark that will cling and keep in suspense until the very end. The entire film is made in dark tones, as if the world is filled with these heroes only prostitutes, drugs, cheap booze, well and accordingly the floor of decomposed corpses. The main protagonist is living in the truest sense of the word - on the boxes, his wife nags him to move faster with the demand, but the story of the victims - it is, so to speak, a lifeline, through which he remains in the native land. Antagonist - an exemplary family man (predictably), but the dinner scene much like frightened his wife and children. A feeling that the director did not have quite a bit in order to create a truly scary movie. Trailer for the movie was much more interesting to him. The only thing is truly scary - at the end are photographs of real victims of a maniac. My opinion - the movie at once, leaving a sense of gloom. P.S. Vanessa Anne Hudgens is not the best choice to be the only victim to have survived.

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