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The Final Destination

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Movie Length: 1:22

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: David R. Ellis

Actors: Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fistsella, Bobby Campo, Heyli Uebb, Mykelti Williamson, Dzhastin Uelborn, Stefani Onor, Lara Grays, Shantel Van Santen

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: September 9, 2009

Download The Final Destination

Free The Final Destination movie torrent. During racing comes to Nick's vision of a deadly car crash with many casualties in the audience, and he convinces his girlfriend Lori and friends Hunt and Janet leave this place. They thought they cheated death, but unfortunately for them it is just the beginning. When Nick's visions continue, and the survivors begin to die in a car crash one by one in mysterious and creepy incidents, he must figure out how to cheat death once and for all before he, too, reaches his final destination.

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Our Review:

The four friends came to the stadium to see racing, dragging with him a bottle of spirits. Nick (Bobby Campo), the most perceptive and impressionable of his comrades, suddenly began a vision in which he saw the accident on the road, due to the deaths of many people, including him and his friends. Realizing that such hallucinations arose not from alcohol, he persuaded friends to leave the stadium, because I am sure that everything that he dreamed would happen to them now. And so it happened - a lot of people died, and they and a few others, which warned of the dangers Nick survived. Friends thought have found a second life, but in the news too often began to talk about the death of the survivors on the day of people. Nick, having seen that they die in the same sequence as he dreamed, begins to build a chain of deaths and tries to warn those who need to be killed next. But people do not die of natural causes, and very often from household items and equipment in the service station, at a car wash, in the barber shop, the pump in the pool. Nick thinks that if the following warn and to save his life, the series of deaths stopped. The only difference is the fourth "Final Destination" from all previous ones - is that he filmed in 3D-format, and the viewer sees the flying debris, screwdrivers, rocks, and around the internal organs are bloodied in his direction. For those who can not tolerate the blood, instead of terrible bloody scenes made animated inserts in the form of schemes. Besides the 3D effect with optical illusions, nothing interesting here is not: neither a new story or idea. In the first part it all started with the crash, continued a car accident, then had an accident on the rides, now - a trouble-racing. The list goes on and on - as well as to take the next part. Although everything that happens with the characters, it was already possible to guess from the trailer for the film.

User's Review:

A striking example of how the special effects for the film itself suffers its content. Of course, everyone knows after three films, that in the beginning nobody dies, and is still to come, but that is so it was predictable, but still well behind the ears is energized and unrealistic - this has not happened (and not only in the village, but in general in American cinema). The feeling is that the authors wanted to show just as much as you can bloody scenes and more so that they were well, very original and different from the deaths in the first three films. In short, disappointed. However, I do not regret that I went to the movies. Anyway, I know that the fourth film shot in one scenario - is the limit. I watched horror, and felt at the premiere of the comedy like "Scary Movie - 545 ". Well humor - it's good! :)

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