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The Divide

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Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Thriller Horror Fiction

Country: USA, Germany, Canada

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Xavier Gens

Actors: Loren Dzherman, Maykl Ben, Maylo Ventimilya, Courtney B. Vance, Ashton Holmes, Rozanna Arkett, Ivan Gonzalez, Maykl Eklund, Dzhennifer Blank

Budget: $ 3,000,000

Year: March 13, 2011 (World)

Download The Divide

The Divide download movie. America was subjected to a nuclear attack. The powerful blast completely destroyed New York. But eight people were saved by hiding in the basement of a building. This kind of tank which produced fire protection officer Mickey. Accordingly, he declares himself mainly in the shelter, distributing food supplies and water, showing each of his room and dictate the rules. One of the key - to anyone but Mickey, you can not go into his private room. Then one day the survivors in the bunker people find way out ...

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User's Review:

This film really blew my mind. I go and I understand that this darkness is quite possible, if our politicians continue to behave so outrageously. Nuclear attack on New York he brought into the bunker, which was an imaginary salvation eight people. Nobody thought that this is a war, no one expected to see soldiers dressed in camouflage, which are then welded shut the door, no one wanted to die. And here it is the darkness began. I do not remember that I was watching a film of this kind: a nasty, dark, horrible, cruel, and knew that it's real from what was worse for most do not. The end of the film - a total end. Pardon the tautology. And a lot of questions. IMDb: 6.00 (9824) - in their rating and better than bad, and very personal. Apparently, this actor's game. Really - the game is just super. Separate Respect makeup artist. For fans of psychological maneuvers and strong directing. with all the strangeness of the film, it will not leave you indifferent.

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