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The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

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Movie Length: 1:29

Genre: Thriller Detective fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.3

Director: Theo Pirrie

Actors: Itan Pek, India Aysli, Natalie Hall, Bryus Devison, Dzheyms Lim, Scott Alan Smith, Zak Uord, Mim Dryu, Dallas Hart, Zhaklin Gohner


Year: June 2, 2016

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The Curse of Sleeping Beauty download movie. Thomas Kaiser inherits the family estate owned by his family for generations. But he does not know that along with the house inherited an ancient curse that lies on it from the time of the Crusades. Thomas is forced to try on the role of "guardian" - someone who will not allow the forces of evil come loose from the estate. Unravel the mystery of the house it will help a local realtor and the priest, and wake excellent Brayer Rouz, locked in a terrible place, which Thomas had seen in his dreams.

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User's Review:

The young artist Thomas suffers strange dreams centered fruitless attempts kisses a kiss on the scarlet lips of a beautiful stranger. Hoping to find an answer to your dreams is looking for a psychoanalyst and as a logical response is obtained, such as you do not go on the street to talk to people, make friends. In this case most of the time the artist spent in the closed space of his room. But it is another variation of the famous fairy tale, when it is so ridiculous it wedged mystical background, as a plot twist blatantly shoved wrapper that our hero dies, the stump-deck-ten knee-yurodny uncle, thus leaving a legacy old mansion . On this occasion the heads. the hero happens to the parish in which we see and DPI, and a stranger to him, and then the second plot the course, the relationship of strange visions and the old mansion, however, understandable only to the director. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Actually, our hero immediately rushes into the house to find out what was happening, meets a certain girl, how would a real estate agent dealing with the sale of the house and far-fetched story about the loss of her brother, who has decided to take the risk for the sake of vypendrezhnoy walk with a friend, an abandoned mansion. The mansion once in five years people disappear, so that is why this branch of the Bermuda Triangle is not leveled by bulldozers, one more question. Our pioneers are found close to the otherworldly force, in consequence of which barely lam, taking a certain book. Staffed by a duo further psychic and dumb linguist cryptographer they try to unravel the secret of the book as claimed encompasses the inscriptions on drevnearameyskom and even some out there maniheyschiny actually Cyrillic mixed with some sort of scribble. In a predictable finale heroes defeat the demon guarding the beautiful dream our hero kisses and as predictable awakens even more evil and have ended up with a sort of fairy tales with an open ending.

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