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The Cave

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Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Action adventure horror thriller

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 5.1

Director: Bryus Hant

Actors: Piper Perabo, Morris Chestnut, Koul Hauzer, Eddie Cibrian, Lina Hidi, Rick Ravanelli, Daniel Dae Kim, Kieran Darcy-Smith, Marcel Iureş Vlad Radescu

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: August 26, 2005 (World)

Download The Cave

Download The Cave full movie for free. A team of scientists discovers the forests of Romania ancient ruins, dating back to the thirteenth century. Nakhodka concealed entrance to the underground cave in which, according to scientists, can be the unknown hitherto ecosystem. The group of biologists with cavers decide to go down to explore the grotto. But, in addition to new scientific discoveries, the cave is fraught with more dangers and weight, which scientists have not even imagined. Meeting with a previously unknown kind of beings leads an expedition to the full horror.

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