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The Boy

Every child should be loved

The Boy download movie.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA, Canada, China

IMDB rating: 6.0

Director: William Brent Bell

Actors: Loren Kohen, Rupert Evans, Dzheyms Rassell, Dzhim Norton, Diana Hardkesl Ben Robson, Jett Kline, Lily Pater, Mettyu Uoker, Stefani Nikol Lemelin

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: January 28, 2016

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Download The Boy full movie for free. While trying to escape from the past, a young American woman Greta sent to the UK. According to the announcement, she finds a governess job in a small English village. Her elderly couple hires a nanny for an eight-year boy. Greta extremely surprised by the fact that their son Johannes Brahms is a porcelain doll, which plays the role of "live" a child who died in tragic circumstances 20 years ago. Leaving home in the long-awaited vacation, the couple make Greta a set of strict rules for the care of a doll. Greta did not realize that the rules should not have neglected.

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Our Review:

Atmospheric horror about a young American governess in an old British manor, eerie for the unsophisticated spectator, but insipid and banal for the connoisseur of the genre Simple modern American girl Greta (Loren Kohen) gets a job in England - an elderly couple invites her as a governess for her young son Brahms. She arrives in a classic old British mansion - spiky dark gray tower, oaks, rocks, moss, dark colors - in the most romantic dreams of a place in his new job. But when she Hielscher represent his son at Greta pulled out a nervous laugh. Brahms - doll boy in full growth, which is crazy, apparently, the elderly called his son and need to deal with it accordingly. This Brahms died a few years ago in tragic circumstances, but Hielscher sure that the doll - this is it. There is even a set of rules, which are required to comply with the governess - including can not cover his face. It is not difficult to guess that sooner or later the thoughtless (although frightened gloomy atmosphere and eerie wards) American break this rule, it will have to pay. In fact, in front of us full-Benefit stars "Walking Dead" Loren Kohen - and as such the film is quite justified. Lauren cute and charismatic actress who confidently holds the whole tape on itself. In addition to the Old English textbook entourage look there is practically no longer what. In the story of this passage thriller, a mixture of American paranormal horror and mysticism "good old England." Union could be very fruitful, but the trouble is that the film is based mainly on Chinese money and is intended mainly for the Chinese market. Unfortunately, the Communist censorship prevents excessive heat of mysticism in the fairy-tale movie, so that roam Brahms was not given. But those who do not see enough too in this genre, horror he still catch up.

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