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The Bourne Identity

Download movie The Bourne Identity for free.

Movie Length: 1:59

Genre: Thriller thriller crime detective

Country: USA, Germany, Czech Republic

IMDB rating: 7.9

Director: Dag Layman

Actors: Franka Potente, Mett Deymon, Kris Kuper, Klayv Ouen, Brayan Koks, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Gabriel Mann, Walton Goggins, Dzhosh Hemilton, Dzhuliya Staylz

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: October 10, 2002

Download The Bourne Identity

Download The Bourne Identity full movie for free. One day near the city of Marseille, fishermen hauled out of the water a strange man - Jason Bourne (Mett Deymon). He does not remember anything, but has two gunshot wounds in the leg and sewn secret capsule with the account number of a Swiss bank. After receiving the money in Zurich, he discovers his name Dzheyson Born. But what to do next? As it should be in these cases, the main character is trying to find out who he is, for that wound, and who is to blame.

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User's Review:

"The Bourne Identity" - the first film of a trilogy of Jason Bourne, a CIA agent, lost his memory when the next job. Trilogy, which became one of the most successful franchises of the two thousandth's, which brought the popularity of Mettu Deymonu and has become his trademark. What are the reasons for this success that the audience liked it so much in this and followed the following picture? "The Bourne Identity" - a film that created a new type of display character corresponding to its time. By the time of the film's release, the phrase "security agents" firmly associated in the audience with James Bond, agent of British intelligence MI6 in the service of Her Majesty. However, by this time the bright image of Bond for a few faded, and he began to be perceived as a comic-opera character, partly podnadoevshy and fairly predictable. And against this background, and it appeared Dzheyson Born - superspy new formation, completely devoid of "Burlesque" and ostentatious 007. This is a "man without a face" does not stand out in a crowd of pro-class. This specialist uses is not shooting a fountain pen, invisible cars and other clowning - and his own head, are trained to calculate the situation on many moves ahead, and putting professional automatism skills. However, it remains live, a normal person, which can injure or kill, which can get into a difficult situation, and it makes the viewer to empathize with Bourne. On the creation of this image, this new model "superspy our days" in the movie runs almost everything. There are no any special or extraordinary interior landscapes - the action takes place in the most ordinary circumstances, in a familiar reality. No girls here photomodelling beauty - casual companion Born by Franka Potente Mila, pretty, but not much else. Not here and the infernal villains bent on world domination - there is only the dark intrigue and secret services do, where to work in exactly the same people as Dzheyson Born himself, and the instrument of which it was until recently. But there is, for example, unmatched race on the old "Mini Cooper", from which captures the spirit of everyone who was sitting behind the wheel himself. There are wonderful, are realistic fight: you are no strikes in a jump with a turn and a spectacular kung fu, oh no - aggression, melee, hlosty open palm, working with his elbows and knees, pain and fractures, the use of the materials at hand, all grown-up ! Convincingly shown here and the possibilities of modern security services, together with the methods of work, for some reason does not correspond to talk about "human rights", so beloved by politicians of the same power. All this, of course, could not help but like the audience, and after the first part was followed by the second and third. A rare case - continue not become worse than the beginning, but on the contrary, made quite finished, coherent story, harmonious trilogy. Filmed in 2012, the fourth film is already tells the story of another hero of the same law enforcement agencies, and, in my opinion, to consider it as a continuation of the trilogy is not quite correct, in spite of the general storyline. The trilogy of Jason Bourne - films about which we can say "classics of the genre." Recommended to all who care about the spy thriller and a film about the secret services - believe me, these films will not disappoint you!

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