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The Banshee Chapter

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Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Blair Erickson

Actors: Katia Winter, Ted Levayn, Maykl Makmillian, Monik Kandelariya, Dzhenni Gebriell David Midfander, Chad Brammett, Sid Shulte, Vivian Nesbitt, JD Garfield


Year: February 6, 2014

Download The Banshee Chapter

Free download The Banshee Chapter movie. A low-budget horror, who was involved in the conspiracy theory. Young journalist Anne is investigating the case of disappearance of his friend, with whom they studied together at the university. In his home Ann is a record that tells a friend that studied one of the secret government experiments on the development of serum, the ability to change people's minds. The awful truth is that the missing journalist in the course of its investigation, has gained access to documents and the chemical formula of whey and decided to take it himself, and then disappeared. Ann tries to understand the essence of the government's experiment and find the participants to understand what happened to her friend. "Secret Experiment" - the debut film by director and screenwriter Blair Erickson.

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Our Review:

Sinister thriller about government experiments on human beings, and the consequences of taking certain illicit drugs. A few years after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend James (Maykl Makmillian) young and fearless journalist Ann (Katia Winter) conceives to find out what happened to it. "Fearless" keyword here: even find that the disappearance is related to a potentially very dangerous drug, she rushes to unravel this tangle of state secrets and unscrupulous medical experiments. The events of the film are embedded in the reality of actually existing experiments: in 50-60 years in the CIA operated secret project "MK Ultra" to study the influence of psychotropic chemicals on human consciousness in order to manipulate, erase memory, alteration and destruction of personality - the experiments were conducted on normal people. One of the tested drug was DMT-19, isolated from the human brain, which James and drank before his disappearance. The picture simulates, pretends to be found the real film. The main action at times punctuated mockumentary inserts: interviews, news, chronicles experiments frames apologetic President Clinton, the last video of James. The psychological effect is exacerbated by the special atmosphere unmarked horror - most of the action takes place in the dark, where glimpses of unknown creatures shadows snatched from the darkness flashlight. The idea of ​​the expansion of consciousness up to those limits, where possible encounter with beings from other worlds, director Blair Erickson learned from the story of Lovecraft's "outside" - note added lavkraftovskogo nightmare picture of unspeakable anxiety charm. The logic of the story sometimes disturbed, but this is nothing more than an error of conditional reality horror. CIA left bunker, where the experiments were carried out without supervision? Nobody James confiscated things, although it was known that he was experimenting with a prohibited drug? Where Ann took a cassette with recordings of experiences and why she always need to rush into strange place in the middle of the night? In their quest, she gets into some extraordinary situation, but goes ahead perfectly without fear and without weapons. What the viewer's hand, otherwise how could we know the denouement of this rather scary thriller?

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