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The Apparition

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Movie Length: 1:22

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.1

Director: Todd Lincoln

Actors: Eshli Grin, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Luke Pasqualino, Dzhulianna Guill and Tim Uilyams, Anne Clark, Rick Gomez

Budget: $ 17 million

Year: August 30, 2012

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The Apparition download movie. When their house begin to happen strange frightening events, young people Kelly (Eshli Grin) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover that they are haunted by an otherworldly being, accidentally caused during a parapsychological experiment at the university. Terrible thing feeds their fear and torments them wherever they fled. The last hope of young people - an expert on the paranormal (Tom Felton), but it may be that to save their lives from the frightening otherworldly force is too late - even with his help…

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Our Review:

Another excursion into the field of paranormal phenomena, created by director-debutant on his own script. Very beautiful actress Eshli Grin ( "Twilight") literally brightens up a gloomy picture. Once upon a time, back in the '70s, the company conducted a spiritualist called' experiment of Charles "- communication with the spirit of a recently deceased colleague. Over the years, several students have decided to repeat the process and unintentionally caused in our world nightmare - otherworldly entity that feeds on the life force of a defenseless human. But nothing about this student-known vet Kelly (Greene), who with her boyfriend Ben (Stan), is trying to establish a new life in a house owned by her parents. Immediately move into the building start to happen mysterious things - doors open by themselves, there is a nasty mold, and the neighbor's dog dies, accidentally ran into one of the rooms. It is also surprising that Bin behaves somewhat unusual. He obviously knows something. He knows, but is silent. Gradually Kelly learns that Ben was one of the members of the student experiment. But the main nightmare of waiting for her to come. As they say, a couple of "normal" phenomena does not make the film truly frightening. In the case of feature-length directorial debut of Todd Lincoln this statement difficult to refute. Though I must admit that for the first film of a young filmmaker I go the extra mile. At least the potential is seen. Another thing is that not everyone's strength immediately get into the bull's-eye. If we discard the thousandth time the prepared directorial scalpel subject of ghosts, take possession of the houses of peaceful Americans - only the real genius is able to come up with on this score something new - the film takes Lincoln entourage and beauty shot. Directed hangs on the wall posters of Bob Dylan and romerovskoy "Land of the Dead", puts the characters in exciting colorful landscapes, makes close-ups of young pretty faces. In nabivshem nauseam mockumentary genre shooting has choked many who want to be fashionable, the creators of the movie. Especially pleasing is the fact of 35-mm film, still stubbornly refuses to be like a TV news bulletin. However, something else really positive about the film is hard to say. A revelation for fans of the genre, he would not (although it looks much higher sequel to "Paranormal Activity" and other "ghost of happiness").

User's Review:

Somehow nourished great hopes for this film, but, alas, not destined to them was justified. The most interesting thing was there - thrall tightened fifth point of the actress, which for some time was running terrified through the house in his underwear. The horror felt she alone, the rest of the hall was frankly boring. The plot is like there, but somehow still boring, predictable and ridiculous. See I do not advise. Well, except that the house on the couch as a remedy for insomnia.

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