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Download movie Swordfish for free.

Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Dominic Sena

Actors: John Travolta, Hyu Dzhekman, Holli Berri, Don Chidl, Sam Shepard, Vinni Dzhons, Drea De Matteo, Rudolf Martin, Zek Grene, Kamrin Grayms

Budget: $ 102 million

Year: October 4, 2001

download Swordfish

Download Swordfish full movie for free. Things to Do Stenli Dzhobsonu (Hyu Dzhekmanu), released conditionally cybercriminals, which is strictly forbidden even to touch the computer? Is the golf course in its old residential trailer in Texas and bad word to remember his ex-wife, who, while he was serving his sentence in prison, took her daughter and also filed a lawsuit to deprive him of the right to see her. The director of the film "Password „Swordfish“"- Dominic Sena, he's made a film" Gone in 60 Seconds. "

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User's Review:

This trendy and entertaining thriller has given successful and popular in the early 2000s, the American director Dominic Sena ( "Gone in 60 Seconds," "California") from a screenplay Skipa Vudsa ( "Bloody Thursday"). Talented and professional hacker Stenli Dzhobson comes after two years in prison from the prison. It is forbidden even to approach the computer, and his wife wants a court to take away from him even the right to see his daughter. After some time, trouble themselves find it in the face of the charming Ginger, which is a $ 100,000 offer hacker to meet with her boss Gabriel Shire, and he, in turn, offers Stanley to create a so-called network "worm", which steals from a secret government fund 9 5 billion dollars. At gunpoint and taken hostage the daughter, Stanley again have to go back to its usual business and try to navigate around your finger this time, and the police, and the customer's own dangerous. Today, ten years later, a similar film already remember with nostalgia, because the second half of the 90th and beginning of the 2000s were very rich in really high quality and jet fighters with large-scale and spectacular special effects, interesting stories and charismatic characters that combine and good, and bad. And let inflated critics in those years snorting and abused such tapes as "Face" Dzhona Vu, "The Rock" by Michael Bay and "Con Air" Saymona Uesta, the fans of this genre continue to review these films with great pleasure, because nothing like this in the movies today already can not be seen in the company of "The Expendables", nor bored and oak Jason Steytemom. Of course, this film is primarily pops up in my head, thanks to a wild and strong image superbandita Gabriel Scheer, creates an exciting and versatile John Travolta ( "Broken Arrow," "The Taking of Pelham 123"), who beat in the years villains of all kinds continues do it to this day, and every time a new, fresh and bright. And even the finest and energetic Hyu Dzhekman ( "Australia", "Prestige"), an excellent block by the experienced hacker Stanley looks, in my opinion, here are a few pale in comparison with the bursting fire Travolta. Another hook in this film, especially for men is sexy Holli Berri ( "Monster's Ball", "Cloud Atlas"), which for the first time also appeared topless here than not little surprised and captivated many. And also, of course, pleased to be involved here and brutal Vinni Dzhons ( "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"), Don Chidl ( "Deserted City"), Sam Shepard ( "Brothers"), Drea de Matteo ( "The Sopranos") and Zak Grene ( "The Good wife"). "Password „Swordfish“"- strong and drayvovy thriller lacking of course the stars from heaven, but to a level which is 90% -am that is removed in this genre still to grow and grow.

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