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Super 8

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Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Detective Fiction Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: JJ Abrams

Actors: Dzhoel Kortni, Elle Fanning, Dzhessika Tak, Dzhoel Makkinnon Miller, Rayan Li, Zachary Mills, Rayli Griffits, Gabriel Basso, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: June 16, 2011

Download Super 8

Free Super 8 movie torrent. Summer 1979, Ohio. In a small town there is a railway accident, bystanders which are a few kids to make films on the camera "Super 8". Soon start to happen in strange, unexplained things: machines disappear from the engines of the dog house escape and even people disappear - they are attacked by an unknown creature is selected from a train during its collapse. And to understand what is really happening, it is not so easy.

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Our Review:

Summer 1979. A group of teenagers uses a blissful summer holidays for serious work: at this Super 8 camera they shoot real film about zombies. One of the episodes decided to shoot at the railway station, to which - what luck! - just a train is selected. But instead of a beautiful romantic scene against the backdrop of rushing lights get God knows what - the train crashes into nowhere who had taken the car, he goes pathways crew barely have time to get-away, and from one of the carriages rattled break out something huge and playfully runs to the nearest forest. Abandoned hastily camera, of course, captures all the events. After that, everything goes on the thumb: come to the military, the local sheriff keep for the fool, lost metal objects, dogs run away howling, and in the city dump in the night someone squeaks and rattles the most horrible way. Uncover the mystery can only young filmmakers, and not all at once. Because the director, producer and writer JJ Abrams does not like to open the card in advance and keeps the audience completely in the dark as to what they will face in the end. Rather, it is he thinks he holds. The intrigue of "Super 8" is simple offensively and can satisfy except that the audience - the main characters of the same age. They also might scare and the phenomenon of cross between a spider and a praying mantis Supreme beetle from the "Starship Troopers", although it is unlikely. Older viewers will appreciate, rather paternal pathos with which depicted filmmakers - Abrams himself started shooting at about this age. Approving chuckle spectators and in some places, ironically refers to film classics. Celebrate a thorough job of artists. They may have even shed a few tears in the final, though made specifically for Spielberg and his "alien" (needless to say, who was one of the Abrams film producers). Go out of the hall in the elevated mood and forget this duhopodemny, sentimental, but an unusually meaningless movie in half an hour.

User's Review:

Teens who are under force to save the world ... have not had these paintings in Abrams. All, some monsters and monsters. I must admit that on this expected the same, but ... this time he surprised! Monster - the alien has been a rare visitor in the film, basically, the whole plot was based on the children's perception of reality. If you are 14 years old and the theme of friendship and love is relevant to you as never before, the film should definitely see, moreover, that it is shot not in the genre of melodrama, and in the that neither is a thriller. So that girls and boys will find this film is quite entertaining. Adults also will be satisfied in the case, if they do not find fault with the plot. Everything else, including the direction, the acting and special effects, implemented at a decent level. In the spirit of Abrams and Spielberg.

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