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Stay Alive

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Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.1

Director: William Brent Bell

Actors: Dzhon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz, Dzhimmi Simpson, Uendell Pirs, Maylo Ventimilya, Sofiya Bush, Adam Goldberg, Billi Sloter, Nicole Oppermenn

Budget: $ 9,000,000

Year: May 11, 2006

Download Stay Alive

Download movie Stay Alive for free. Mystical horror film. Group of gamers from New Orleans keen on a new game. The plot sends to the 17th century, the mansion of the mysterious aristocrat nicknamed "Bloody Countess". The essence of the game - to bypass all the traps and stay alive. Innocent enthusiasm conceals a deadly threat. Paints gathering, when it turns out that the death of the game will result in death in the real world. Unsuspecting teenagers are killed one by one. Just reaching the final, there is a chance to overcome the "Blood Countess." Despite a modest budget, the film became a box-office hit, more than twice covered the money spent.

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Our Review:

Deep night. The curly-haired young man with glasses (Milo Ventimiglia), sweating, shaking of the joystick button, wandering through the ominous corridors of the computer game. Someone out there aggressively trying to soak it and finally gets her. Painted man hanged, the game is over. Superbad, a player makes a call to a friend Hutch (Dzhon Foster), and then we learn that his name is Loomis Crowley. It is, in principle, it does not matter, because the introduction is brief. After a short telephone conversation while Loomis is worn around the house, driven by the terrible sights and sounds, and - is hanged. Two unknown gamers, William Brent Bell and Metyu Piterman, took and wrote the script. Not encroaching on religion, politics, philosophy and things like that, we have written what to know - about the games and players. It turned out not very distinctly, but overall not bad. The plot is simple and straightforward, as long as you look, head and share yourself more and bloodthirsty than would actually. Inspired writers of the history of Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, nicknamed "Bloody Countess" for addiction to take baths of maiden blood. Bell and Peterman quickly moved it to the back of New Orleans in a kind of "county Gerush" and, apparently, was awarded the remarkable abilities to programming computer games. Obviously, whether driven by the desire to remain eternally young and drunk, either because of bad temper, this noble lady (Maria, by the way, Kalinin) drew a clever toy and really drenched all comers right players and right. Observing the laws of the genre, the characters wander alone, had just agreed to "keep everything together," slow down, when to run, and distracted by all sorts of nonsense in the most critical areas. In this case, a premonition of fear is stronger than fear itself: the atmosphere is heating up, heating up - and suddenly at the last moment the heating mechanism breaks down. But all these forged fences, gnarled trees, the cemetery, the coach on the deserted roads and fast black horses - horror as beautiful. For them, thank you.

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