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Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Thriller fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.5

Director: Dunkan Dzhons

Actors: Dzheyk Dzhillenhol, Mishel Monahen, Vera Farmiga, Dzheffri Rayt, Maykl Arden, Cas Anvar, Russell Peters, Brent Skegford, Kreyg Tomas, Gordon Masten

Budget: $ 32 million

Year: March 31, 2011

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Download Source Code full movie for free. The protagonist - a soldier who finds himself in the body of a man and forced to constantly worry about the monstrous explosion of the train until it finally realizes who arranged it. For everything he's got 8 minutes and not a second more. Each time - or rather, with each of his death - Captain Colter Stevens knows a little bit more, but how much more death and rebirth of life, he is able to withstand ..?

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Our Review:

US Air Force pilot Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) is trying to understand what he is doing in strange steel capsule under the watchful eye of Captain Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). Time after time, Goodwin sends the pilot in the past, in the last eight minutes of life, who died in the explosion of a train. During this time, Stevens must find the bomb and terrorists, to prevent a second, more terrible explosion. Every journey acquiring new knowledge, Stevens is chosen not only to the terrorist as a neighbor (Michelle Monaghan), and learns a lot about yourself. Bill Murray would have appreciated it. This new film of Duncan Jones ( "Moon 2112") on the confrontation of man and the evil-prezlobnoy systems that first instills the individual that he is - simply irreplaceable human trash, and then allegedly doing him a favor, suggests that even a garbage can still serve country. In the course are any tricks, from blackmail and games related to the attachments to patriotic appeals. "Source Code" is trying (sometimes too well) to masquerade as normal entertaining movie with elements of "fiction", where you can easily catch weighty words like "quantum physics", and the audience has time to deftly dodge. But willingly or not here, as in "Moon" is not affected by a few very pleasant and suitable for the sci-fi thriller problems. Including how far the medical ethics, whether to expose someone to a truly infernal torment to save though and the whole Chicago, and how much, in the end, it can be cut from a man to a man he ceased to be. Jones very economically mastered the new budget level of spending on special effects as much as necessary, and involving the expensive but not the most expensive Hollywood actors. And he took off, on the one hand, entertaining thriller, in which the hero is not limited absolutely nothing, feel free to punish the offender with the help of latest technology. On the other hand - chamber psychological drama, where the same hero, tightly encapsulated own terror has neither the courage nor the opportunity to even break itself into the wall head.


User's Review:

I think that this film is not about the system and not on the weakness of the human body or the fact that from him ostalos.Etot film about the power of the will, of the possibilities of the subconscious which can not be locked in a capsule or chopped tele.Sdes protagonist is shown as a strong personality, in spite of at his helplessness, he finds a way to not only save the others, but also saved sam.Syuzhet film resembles the ancient beliefs of the people of the immortal soul or about the possibilities of people to obey someone else's subconscious and thus take possession of the body of another cheloveka.Takzhe sdes added n travel in time and plot to create a new reality. Kanechno in the film there are drawbacks associated with the explanation from the point of view of science and investigation of these events, but there are so many unexplained phenomena .... A movie should be exciting, not vygledit as a scientific work.

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