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The writer investigates the murder of a family in a house where he now lives

Sinister download movie.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Scott Derrickson

Actors: Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Dzheyms Renson, Fred Dalton Thompson, Maykl Holl D'Addario, Daniel kotcho lake, Dzhulet Raylens, Nicholas King, Cameron Ocasio, Victoria Lee

Budget: $ 3,000,000

Year: October 11, 2012

download Sinister

Download movie Sinister for free. Together with his family settles author of detective in a small town, in a house almost a year ago turned chilling tragedy - all the residents were killed. Writer accidentally finds a video, which are the key to the mystery of the crime. But nothing is given freely: in the house begin to happen terrible things and now threatened the lives of his loved ones. They are faced with something from which there is no escape.

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Our Review:

The new picture of Scott Derrickson, who has removed "The Exorcism of Emili Rouz," evil forces finally stopped himself than any limitation. They encroach on the whole family and maddening Itana Houka. True, the author of detectives Ellison Oswalt (Hawke) was not himself initially. In an effort to continue writing career, he invigorates itself in an original way - moved into the house, whose previous owners and their two children were hanged there in the backyard, and the younger daughter had disappeared. This is a very bizarre attempt to find the lost inspiration, when you consider that the writer has a wife and children. Children, too, not the usual, but instead treat nervous boy and do form a talented girl, the author drinks and watching home videos of the former owners. Something on which, in particular, they hang. In the attic of a new home there is still a film with recordings: they are other family drown, burn and torn to pieces. Oswalt looks with great interest, but does not notify the police - all waiting for inspiration. Comes, however, inspiration, and a scorpion, a snake, a hefty dog, and at the end of the police, says that in the attic of his proteins. But the writer has time to consider on a film-like creature at the same time on the character of the "Saw" and a flattened mask of Guy Fawkes, and therefore does not believe in the protein. House by then it filled with rustles, knocking and the sound of running a film projector. The action develops slowly, distracted by scandals and pacifying Oswalt and his wife, fruitless journey through the dark house with a bat and many other things, without which, on the one hand, we could have done. But on the other hand, Derrickson pumps horror gradually, the sharp sounds and movements using the minimum, scaring a slower pace and in hushed scenes. Finger pressed to his lips - a call not to disturb something far more terrible. Quietly but almost unbearably nervous, kind of music possessed woman. A close look being who did not move to destroy you and your family - you have to do everything himself, with his own hands, every act of bringing retribution for his own vanity and inappropriate curiosity. Yes, sometimes it's really scary. The explanation of what is happening becomes not so important (and you can guess at the very beginning - it is possible, but is it worth?). Interesting that feeling of impending doom that is in the "Sinister" is not just transferred, and built a cult. Evil is clearly made a choice and just waiting in the wings, just a hint making it clear that it will not back down. You can swing the bat, to get drunk, shout, to press the gas or goad horse, carrying her child from the king of the Forest. You can give names or other evil to burn his image. But nothing can be corrected.

User's Review:

A good film is not terrible, but it was scary to sudden movements and unpleasant sounds. The entire film sat and did not know what would happen next. Yes, you can guess, but the story too many options. I do not advise to those who love blood, mess, etc. But those who love intriguing and exciting movie - I advise.

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