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Movie Length: 2:14

Genre: crime Thriller

Country: South Korea

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Pak Hun Chzhon

Actors: Lee Jae-John, Choi Min-sik, Hwang Jeong Min Pak Un Song, Song Ji-hyo, Choi Il Hwa Jang Kwang, Hem Dzhin-Sung, Yong-ki Jeong, Jeong In Guk


Year: February 21, 2013 (World)

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Download Sin-se-gae full movie for free. Goldmoon, the largest criminal organization in Korea, was in a state of chaos after its leader was killed in a bizarre car accident. Senior police officers begin an operation called "New World", which will interfere with the activities of the organization and to use the death of its leader to gain control over the group. 8 years ago, the organization has been infiltrated undercover cop. And now he was caught between two fires: on the one hand, the gangster who trusts him with his life, the other - the police chief, who sees it as a bait.

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User's Review:

Life double agent is never easy and you have to always pass a test of strength for the other. But even worse to forget what you are fighting, and remember who your enemy is and who is a friend. But if you have the opportunity to lead one of the largest organized crime syndicate, it could be you, do not lose yourself, to create a new world? Clan Wars. It all starts with the murder of the chairman of GoldMoon- corporation whose activities are run by major crime syndicates in South Korea. The Board of Directors decides to hold an early vote. On the eve of the election to the post of Chairman to South Korea from China returns one of three formal candidate Chzhon Chong, whose right hand is his brother (and our double agent) Dzha Song. Chung Chong- Executive Officer, responsible for the construction of buildings GoldMoon and has good relations with triads from Shanghai. 3 is the account of the candidates for the post. Not originally planned to nominate him as a candidate, but because it controls the main business of the corporation, it had to be included in the heirs. His main opponent is Li Zeng-gu - Managing Director Goldmoon, manages private loans, financial pyramids and entertainment business. Zheng-gu at odds with Jeong as Trong the first one time occupied the 3rd place for the presidency, but he pushed Jeong. The second place is occupied by Chang Su, but actually participate in the elections, he did not intend to. Police understands that completely destroy these corporations will not work, so they need to monitor and influence the choice of placing at the head of the person. For this purpose, they involve Ja Song. However, Song Ja do not like it because he had for a long time under the guise of and wants to get out, because the task he performed, but he denies it Kahn Head, which will lead to certain consequences, which I will not speak. It begins a local war of clans. Due new world. Before viewing it should be clearly understood that the film will have virtually no scenes with gunfire. More like a Korean version of "Game of Thrones" gangster entourage. Musical arrangement at all worth mentioning separately. The music here sounds exactly as it should and it is there where it is necessary, thus placing emphasis on those or other emotions in a particular scene. The actor's role is very strong, natural, I'd say. It is worth noting the game, Choi Min Sik (Chief Kang), thanks to which his character perfectly shows himself a policeman, who must be both a hero, acting for the good of society, and the villain. "New World" - one of the best films of the Korean production. Exciting and insightful thriller with a spectacular finale in the style of "The Godfather", remains in the memory because of its ambiguity. 7.5 out of 10. It is worth watching.

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