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Saw II

Download movie Saw II for free.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Actors: Donni Uolberg, Beverley Mitchell, Frenki Dzhi, Tobin Bell, Shouni Smit, Erik Knudsen, Glenn Plummer, Emmanuel Vozhe, Tim Bird, Dina Meyer

Budget: $ 4,000,000

Year: January 12, 2006

Download Saw II

Download Saw II full movie for free. The famous psycho killer continues to skillfully kill their victims, without touching them. This time the trap hit Designer Michael - a police informant Erika Mettyusa. He woke up in an empty room with a TV, through which Saw tells him that the design on its head to kill him, if the man does not vykolet his eye, behind which is hidden the key. To solve this problem is not much under strength, but it is far from all the sophisticated Designer traps that their in store for anyone who falls on his fateful choice. "Saw 2" - continuation of the cult film, which became a kind of TV series about the brilliant maniac.

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Our Review:

The first "Saw" was like "Seven." The second "Saw" is similar also in the "Ten Little Indians". Perverse magic numbers pursues several people somehow related to each other and trapped in a huge empty house, full of traps and riddles. These numbers are written in the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae; If someone can be persuaded to show your number to someone, while others do not voluntarily given. Some - so just have a large knife to cut a piece of skin at to see - what does it say? You have realized that it's pretty hard film, right? And considering that no longer locked a couple of people, and three times more, the maniac has increased, so to speak, bread, and to us - circuses. The severity of the situation throughout the closed company compounded by the fact that they do not have to just find a way out, but to get the antidote - they are all poisoned by some rubbish. A real delight for lovers of this kind of genre will be the scene where the girl, trembling in terror trying to get the coveted syringe from a glass box. She pushes his hands into the holes framed by sparkling fragments of mirror. Push it turns out, but the back - no way. It hurts very much. Search key of the door in a pile of used syringes (as time goes on, time goes by) also bring you a lot of aesthetic experience. As in the previous "Saw" at the main maniac has executive assistant, without which the final scene does not happened. Very impatient cop, whose son is imprisoned in a cage together with others, will be forced to take the rap for him too, and for their own inability to listen. But how - you learn, having watched "Saw 2" to the end. If you soak, of course.

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