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Free download Rambo movie.

Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Thriller Action War

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Sylvester Stallone

Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Dzhuli Bents, Mettyu Mersden, Grem Maktavish, Reynaldo Gallegos, Dzheyk La Botts, Tim Kang, Pol Shults, Cameron Pearson

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: January 24, 2008

download Rambo

Free download Rambo movie. Events of the third and fourth part of the shares for twenty years. Vietnam veteran Dzhon Rembo leads a reclusive life on the outskirts of Bangkok, alone in a small hut on the river bank. One day Rambo turns a group of missionaries, wishing to cross the Salween River to assist the local people's Karen, who oppress the Burmese military. Rambo does his duty, and upon returning home discovers that the missionaries were captured by the Burmese. Teaming up with other mercenaries, John goes to the aid of peace volunteers, again getting involved in a bloody and brutal war. "Rambo IV» became the first of a series of films about the Vietnam War veteran, directed by lead actor Sylvester Stallone.

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Our Review:

Distribute breadth Dzhon Dzhey Rambo (Sylvester Stallone, born in 1946) living out his life in the Thai wilderness - mending outboard motors, catching snakes for tourist shows and shoots from a bow fish on board a private junk. heroes fall fit exactly thirty minutes, the remaining sixty - "... and Spring Again" - namely, that fly like a bullet to his temple. By the end of the first half Rambo acquainted with handsome Quakers, who came to Burma to vaccinate and treat teeth oppressed people of the Mon and ask for a ride up the river. John will tell them all what little he thinks about politics and goodwill ambassadors, but then, after listening to the rain penetrating monologue missionary Sarah agrees. Junk set sail - and then begin ... In America "Rambo IV of" coming out as simply "Rambo." Type is nothing superfluous, only the salt. It really is. If earlier Sly constantly argued with verbose writers, here he was sculpting his fighter himself, without any help and any compromise. Epic Stallone doomed warrior, that "there is no need to live, but there is something to die 'unbowed, who lost on points but winning by the rules, then rises to his full height bearish. Fuck tearful monologue, FIG love line, «fuck the world „! During the film Rambo cough up more than five sentences. The start was with a blonde Sarah pereglyadyvaniya doomed brilliant casting: Sarah plays Dzhuli Bents, just two season series ottrubivshaya“ Dexter "as frigid girlfriend maniac - so the question is about the passion here as it does not arise. Only onion, machetes machine gun so true fighter retired. Violence extends across the screen endless stream, rotting carcasses mountains, pigs devour POW, Burmese military beats infants. Responses are such that, for example, when a bullet hit her in the head villain is not just breaks into pieces, but to hell with blows from his shoulders. And there are bullets in Rambo - two boxes! And he's behind the bloody machine-gun shield, falls upon the legions of enemies with all his fury immensely exaggerated. It is hard to imagine how self-deprecating and courage one must have to like this big, with full dedication, take the epic at a time when smeared with camouflage paste half-naked Superman seems the personification of bad taste. But Stallone has always had a lively and sober, he simply mocks his actor's ambition - a dog's eyes, the horse's name and half-paralyzed face! At the beginning of the movie Rambo boldly hunts cobra. In the final wearily went off to grazing horses. He laughs best who laughs at himself.

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