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Purge: Anarchy

Download movie Purge: Anarchy for free.

Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Action Thriller Horror

Country: US, France

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Dzheyms Demonako

Actors: Frank Grillo, Karmen Edzhogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Michael Kennet Uilyams, Zoe Bord, Justina Machado, Dzhon Bizli, Dzhek Konli, Noel Gulemi

Budget: $ 9,000,000

Year: July 31, 2014

Download Purge: Anarchy

Download movie Purge: Anarchy for free. Continued anti-utopian slasher. Welcome to the perfect world of the future, a world without criminals and without war. And only once a year, a luxurious quiet life gives way to anarchy. That night everything is permitted: in the dark streets alone seek revenge, others are looking for entertainment, others try to survive until dawn. The first part in the film "Judgment Night 2" has removed only one actor, having featured a cameo role.

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Our Review:

The second series of "Judgment Night" turned from horror to thriller with a social message. In 2013, screens out horror "Judgment Night" - a film that probably is not outstanding, but quite effective. Picture with a modest ($ 3 million) budget earned at the box office at $ 90 million, and it is, of course, was followed by a sequel. One would assume that the "Judgment Night 2" will absolutely pass band - still on the element of surprise is no longer necessary to count. However, the filmmakers found a way to wriggle out of an unpleasant situation: continuation decided to make a fundamentally different from the first series. In fact, the original "Judgment Night" in the sequel was only a tie. USA near future. According to the decision of the "new founding fathers" of one of the spring nights annually devote sweep: from seven in the evening until the morning, and do not operate the hospital and the police; every American citizen during this period has the right to commit crimes with impunity - all which pleases. It is assumed that in this way the inhabitants States splash out aggression - and as a result the state allegedly quietly transformed into a paradise on earth. However, kill and plunder is not necessary on this night. You can close the ten locks, turn on the alarm and try to ride out the dangerous 12:00 in peace and quiet. This is exactly what the protagonists of "Judgment Night 2" - the waitress Eva (Karmen Edzhogo) and her teenage daughter Cali (Zoe Soul). However, locks are not able to provide security, and after the first break into the apartment brutalized neighbor, and then people in the form of a mother and a girl on the streets. There they assisted the mysterious, but seems to be favorably configured man (Frank Grillo). A little later the company joins another pair - and then five characters is struggling to survive until morning. In the first "Judgment Night" starring the Itan Houk and Lina Hidi. The sequel is different from the previous film, if only by the fact that the stars of this caliber is not there. (Do not count the same star Dzhudit Makkonnell, which most remember as the Sophia of "Santa Barbara", by the way, in "Night" actress went to a hilarious role.) However, between films, there are more fundamental difference. "Judgment Night 2" - not horror, but above all a militant. And from the other representatives of the genre, he has a very leisurely pace. Fans of the ongoing action may be bored; On the other hand, the viewer, who managed to catch the rhythm, "Judgment Night" will make pretty nervous - and it is precisely for this purpose and a movie was filmed. In addition, the new film is much ambitious earlier. In the first "Judgment Night" it was mostly about what the neighbors smile in your face, but ready to stab a knife in the back - out of jealousy or simply from the fact that you are annoyed. In the second, all global: conspiracy theories, class stratification, corrupt authorities. The promise, however, is lost - because the plot branches chopped off and oiled ending. At least the creators of "Judgment Night 2", you can thank for trying to make a picture, while viewing audience which should be not only to fidget in their seats with excitement, but also include the head.

User's Review:

great movie! Plunge into the atmosphere of madness and anarchy to the head. Visible promise, but the movie does not load you with some philosophical thoughts at the time of viewing - around madness, you're just not up to it. Cool special effects, plot. Some characters enraged, but the film has done his. I do not care that you do not publish this review. I just wanted to confess his love for this film. Opotryasayuschy. God, I love this movie. P.S. Girlfriend liked the movie too crazy.

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