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Project Almanac

Yesterday will be fun

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Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Thriller fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Dean Izraelayt

Actors: Dzhonni Ueston, Sofia Black D'Elia, Amy Landecker, Virginia Gardner, Agnes Mayasari, Allen Evangelista, Sam Lerner, Michelle DeFrayts Hillary Harley, Geri Grabbs

Budget: $ 12 million

Year: January 29, 2015

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Download Project Almanac full movie for free. One day after watching an old film of the birth of an adult birthday saw themselves as "real" in the reflection on the video. Consumed with curiosity, friends found drawings of the mysterious device, like a time machine. They decided to finish it and try to go back and fix some bugs. But what would happen if a group of teenagers otvyaznyh accidentally gets hold of a time machine? Definitely going to be fun, Until someone breaks the rules and funny joke has turned into a nightmare. We must hurry to recover the continuum, while the world is not completely destroyed!

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Our Review:

Directed by debutant Dean Izraelayt took brisk, but stupid movie about a time machine. "Continuum" - the debut full-length work of director Dean Izraelayta previously delivered several short films. He immediately took up the difficult subject - time travel. Spoiler: Izraelayta tape is as far from ideal, how far modern scholars of the present invention, a time machine. Ingenious (no kidding) school student David (Dzhonni Ueston) and his sister (Virginia Gardner) found in the attic of his house an old video camera. Preview Save it amateur record, they were surprised to discover that today David somehow went on his own tenth birthday party, where he was, of course, no one knows. This discovery leads to the basement, where it is stored unfinished time machine - it turns out that the father of teens working on it (but then died suddenly). David manages to finish the job his father and his friends went to the recent past - to win the lottery, give a friend an opportunity to correct evaluation, to avenge evil classmate sisters, etc. After moving for a couple of months ago (target - music festival "Lollapaluza").. Turns on butterfly Effect. Teenagers discover that racing through the days and weeks is not so harmless. Films about the butterfly effect and related things almost always offer the audience to close their eyes to the logical inconsistencies and vagueness. "Continuum" goes further: he insists that his eyes and not worth opening. From a certain point (in fact, probably from the beginning, but if you are not particularly picky, you can and with the same "Lollapaluzy") of the logic at all, you can forget. In particular, the creators of "Continuum" insist on the fact that when two identical characters from different periods, both disappear. This, however, does not prevent David cranking complex multipass operations without dissolving while in the air. In addition, the sad consequences of traveling teens say as if in passing, in between times. Someone broke a leg, or was in intensive care, where a plane fell, with someone there was something else wrong. How all this is connected with the main characters dancing to the music fest? There is a connection, but there is no time to explain, it's time to rectify the situation! In this case, the filmmakers really even have time for long scenes in which young people are repairing the time machine and pick up her batteries. these scenes are predictably stupid. Batteries are bought in the supermarket. To visualize something (do not have time to explain what it is) uses the graphics processor on the gaming console Xbox 360. At some point the car to recharge the battery connected to a classmate car (and then - well, what can you do - the very girl must pull over is in the past). Among other things, "Continuum" - it is also a mockumentary movie, filmed on amateur camera, as it were. In most cases, the operator is the sister of David, in the other - someone else (do not have time to explain who exactly). Basically, negligence in handling the camera for the found footage genre films - is not news. Just tape Izraelayta such a subjective camera is not needed at all, it still can not bring spectators to what is happening. However, all of the above - it is rather punctures writers (Jason Pagan and Andrew Dyuchman - after "Continuum", both have worked on the plot next "Paranormal Activity"). Izraelayt is eventually removed extremely stupid, but very cheerful film. And the main actors played their characters quite natural and even with some excitement. One can only speculate about what would happen if they moved for a year and a half in the past and would have picked up a more successful scenario.

User's Review:

And I can say that I do like the film. And the fact that the film is based on a supposedly amateur camera, I did not stop, but quite the contrary. And even it was interesting how they were collected and run the machine. Of course, without inconsistencies could not have done, but I have even not paying attention. If you like fantastic fly away in time, I advise you to look at.

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