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Open Windows

Free Open Windows movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: US, Spain

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Actors: Sasha Gray, Elaydzha Vud, Neil Meskell, Nacho Vigalondo, Ivan Gonzalez, Rachel Arieff, Trevante Rhodes, Mike McCutcheon, Brian Elder, J. Adam. Rib


Year: September 25, 2014

Download Open Windows

Free download Open Windows movie. Nick - a fan of the actress Jill Goddard and editor of its unofficial site. He wins the contest, the main prize in which - dinner with the star after the presentation of her new film. During the online report from a presentation that is broadcast through the Nike website, the phone rings and the person who introduced cords, he announces to him that dinner was canceled. Nick did not even know that he had become a pawn in the game, the purpose of which - the murder of Jill.

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Our Review:

Cyberpunk thriller low budget an experimental filmmaker, where everything is happening the viewer sees through the laptop screen, which opens a window with webcasts. Star TV series Jill Goddard (Sasha Gray) comes to Austin for a press conference to mark the start of the next season of the popular mystical horror of her participation. In a nearby hotel for a conference broadcast monitors your notebook Nick Chambers (Elaydzha Vud), the creator of one of the TV star fan sites. He won on the official website of the show dinner with Jill and now with extraordinary excitement is waiting for a meeting with his favorite actress. Unexpectedly him get in touch someone Cordes, who introduced one of the administrators of the portal. He tells Nick discouraged that dinner was canceled without explanation. The disappointment of the young man, so long preparing for a meeting with the idol, there is no limit. Then Corde, as if taking pity on him, giving him access to several hidden webcams located around Jill. And even the camera of her own smartphone, as well as a list of contacts, and other intimate things. Nick is shocked by what is happening and not just bleats of fear and embarrassment, but delves into the strange devayse and performs other recommendations Korda. Fearing exposure of the part of the impresario actress guy stuns his shocker and associates, appearing thus in the hands of a blackmailer Korda. Now Nick is forced to carry out his instructions and start via the Internet a dangerous game with Jill. Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo known quite interesting cinema experiments in the field of science fiction thrillers, and although this work is still too raw, follow its flight of fancy are always curious. At this time in front of us - a pronounced boom-horror, which is based on the idea of ​​the universality of computing and networking technologies, especially characteristic of the first decade of the XXI century, so that the tape even looks somewhat old-fashioned. Of course, the movie, the picture which is composed entirely of the opening on the desktop notebook windows webcasts, looks original, but the use of this procedure as an element of film language does not look something stunning. But at the same time easy to perceive the modern viewer, which does not separate from the tablet screen even at the movie theater. As geeks and hipsters have set largely overlapping, the choice for the lead role Sashi Grey is justified. Due to the fact that she wore during the filming in porn glasses, as well as love for the work of Tarkovsky and Sokurov, Gray became pornokumirom hipsters, and now, when she began her career in the usual film, its participation has always attracted fans. Unfortunately, dramatic talent stars is not very large and does not allow it to stand out among thousands of professional, but mediocre American actresses. This does not seem to be said about Elijah Wood, but his work in the "open windows" extremely unfortunate - it is scary and replays only tiring, obsessively depicting jitters and uncertainty. As for the plot development, Nacho Vigalondo too carried away trying to do as much as possible the intricate affair, causing the voltage injected and lost, and the plot seems too far-fetched. And it is very unfortunate, because to see the web version of "Windows in a court" Hitchcock would be very interesting.


User's Review:

Went today for the film, was left in complete disappointment, the film just about anything is not clear "normal" human story. Actors played as if for the first time in a movie, terrible quality, constantly think that's about to begin the main part of the film, may be those who will like this film, but I do not understand the essence of this film.

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