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Ocean's Eleven

Free download Ocean's Eleven movie.

Movie Length: 1:56

Genre: crime Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Actors: Dzhordzh Kluni, Brad Pitt, Dzhuliya Roberts, Bernie Mac, Elliott Gould, Keysi Afflek, Scott Caan, Mett Deymon

Budget: $ 85 million

Year: February 28, 2002

Download Ocean's Eleven

Download movie Ocean's Eleven for free. Denni Oushen - thief virtuoso, whose good behavior early release from prison. He is not going to return to peaceful life and decides to make a very daring robbery of three casinos in Las Vegas. they all belong to one man - elegant Terry Benedict, who led his ex-wife Tess Ocean. Robbery complex, there can not do without a lot of money, and soon manages to attract Ocean as a sponsor of his old friend, and part of the former casino owner, Ruben Tishkov. It now remains only to find ten professionals to help implement the plan. But will not prevent the robbery of the century if embers to Tess?

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Our Review:

Free remake of the classic picture about the robbery with Frank Sinatra, according to many, surpassing the original. Denni Oushen, mothers and elegant thief (Dzhordzh Kluni), is released from prison, in order to immediately engage in a new adventure. He plans to carry out the most complex and large-scale robbery of a casino. At stake - a $ 150 million emergency reserve of three Las Vegas casinos owned by Terry Benedict cruel errand (Endi Garsia). Benedict just gone Tess Ocean's wife (Dzhuliya Roberts), so that Danny is not only driven by greed. Overnight, Ocean selects a team of professionals and develop a cunning plan, in which everyone is given a small but significant role. Among the "friends" Ocean's - first-class cards Schuler Frank (Bernie Mac), a talented pickpocket Linus (Mett Deymon), explosives expert on Besher (Don Chidl), a professional acrobat Yen (Qin Shaobo) and so on. The director of a free remake "Ocean's Thirteen." But this is, as they say, is another story.

User's Review:

Game intelligence, thought ahead of time, do all the things that makes us human. All biblical commandments included. But the main thing is the friendship of the world seemed fallen. But their actions presvaivayut angel's name. I envy Ocean, it has everything - friendship, love, adrenaline. This film is recommended to watch: thieves, adventurers, adrenalinschikam and people who are simply looking for is not some quirk of special effects, but the real irony. The film deserves to be talked about could each generation.

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