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Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Action Detective Thriller

Country: US, UK, France

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Jaume Jaume Collet-Serra

Actors: Liam Neeson, Dzhulianna Mur, Scoot McNair, Mishel Dokeri, Neyt Parker, Kori Stoll, Lupita Nyong'o, Omar Metwally, Dzheyson Batler Harner, Laynas Rouch, Bar Paly, Shi Uighem

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: March 13, 2014

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Non-Stop download movie. Thriller about the dangers of the flight. Intercontinental flight. Bill Marx, air marshal, which ensures the safety of passengers, received threatening messages from geek-terrorist. The offender has counted all the moves and put under the charge of the special agent. Now Marx - the purpose of the US intelligence services. He remains one: calculate and neutralize criminal, save the passengers and his love, which he finds on the verge of death. Prior to the explosion remains a matter of minutes. The film "Non-Stop" - is the second collaboration of director Jaume Jaume Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson.

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Our Review:

Detective thriller about Liam Neeson on board the plane, trying to defuse the too clever terrorist. Non-Stop complex fate (alcoholism, complicated love life) Bill Marx (Liam Neeson) is flying intercontinental flight. During the flight, he began to receive SMS from a terrorist, promising every 20 minutes to kill the passengers if Marx refuses to comply with its terms. Not believing in the reality of threats, Marshal nevertheless initiate an investigation, suspecting absolutely all who have risen to the ill-fated side. After the allotted time, the threat is being implemented, which means that Marx was faced with sophisticated criminals, who can pull the strings in such a small space… The original name of the new picture talented Spaniard Jaume Jaume Collet-Serra - Non-Stop - fully conveys the atmosphere of the sealed detective thriller, wherein counting of time is of paramount importance. Story plot refers to the literary classic Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" (and its myriad of imitators), only here instead of the mansion of Mr. and Mrs. Onim - plane over the vast Atlantic. Such a coordinate system dictates the rules of the game: deductive intuition Marx will repeatedly face new circumstances, turning on its head, it would seem, the current picture. About as events developed in the previous work of the director of "Anonymous", where the same Liam Neeson was looking for answers to questions similar meaning. This similarity between the first and second joint work of the Spaniard and the famous Irishman is not limited. In both cases, strong detective line faltered before the finale of the obvious and somewhat flimsy motivated attackers. Decoupling "Non-Stop" is inferior to inflame its substantial part, though not discounting the previous events, but reducing their dramatic degree. However, such a claim is probably the only thing that can somehow disappoint fans of the genre. In all the other components of "Marshal" not bad at all and honestly fulfills audience's advances. Let Jaume Collet-Serra was unable to remove the model thriller, but a thriller (considering genre clichés associated with it), for which there should not be ashamed, he turned out for sure.

User's Review:

Hollywood film about how dangerous some time fly by plane a lot, but different subjects. That's new film "Non-Stop" captivates with unexpected turns of events and intrigue, which persists until the final credits. The film takes place on board the aircraft., Air Marshal Bill Marks, which ensures the safety of passengers, received threatening messages from geek-terrorist. Now it is one thing to calculate and neutralize criminal, save the passengers and their love, but a few minutes left before the explosion. The original name of the new picture of Non-Stop - fully conveys the atmosphere of the thriller, detective, in which every second of their weight in gold. It turned dynamic and intriguing. In the director's chair sat a picture of Jaume Jaume Collet-Serra. And this man took one of the most spectacular in the history of horror movies - "House of Wax." He is an expert in the business knows, and knows how to create the right atmosphere. Starring Liam Neeson. The actor is almost 70 years old, but he looks great in the role of a tragic man with a gun. Liam's career spanned more than two hundred films, and he had plenty of time to hone the skill, every time embodying a certain type of character in the movie. In his personal confession, he generally likes to dynamic action games where you have to add emotions to run somewhere, to someone to fight. The cabin of the aircraft not run a lot, of course. But Liam is just to your liking. Just starring Lupita Nyong'o and Dzhuliana Mur. And if the second has long been known to everyone, then the first will soon be known, since already received an Oscar nomination for his work in the film "12 Years a Slave". The film's budget by today's standards is not great, only $ 50 million, but the director was able to skillfully them distributed. About 200 people attended the extras in the filming. Excellent cast and incredible special effects made the film interesting. See everyone who is able to empathize, reflect, and not afraid to fly by plane, because the director is very well possible to play on the nerves of the audience.

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