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New Nightmare

New Nightmare download movie.

Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Thriller Fantasy Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Ues Kreyven

Actors: Hezer Lengenkemp, Robert Englund, Miko Hyuz, Devid Nyusom, Dzhon Sekson, Ues Kreyven, Marianne Maddalena, Gretchen Oler, Dzheff Devis, Matt Winston, Rob LaBelle, Tracy Middendorf

Budget: $ 14 million

Year: September 9, 1994 (World)

Download New Nightmare

Download movie New Nightmare for free. Post-modernist horror movie. On the "Nightmare on Elm Street 7" shooting the final part of the franchise is an accident: unfortunate glove Freddi Kryugera kills workers mysteriously special effects. Her next victim becomes Chase Ground floor - husband performer starring Hezer Lengenkemp. While the police are busy looking for the killer, director Ues Kreyven wrote the script for the next movie. It will see the fans again risen from the nightmares Freddi Kryugera.

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