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Download Mindhunters full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Detective Thriller Crime Horror

Country: USA, Netherlands, UK, Finland

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Renny Harlin

Actors: Val Kilmer, LL Kul Dzhey, Kristian Sleyter, Eyon Beyli, Clifton Collins ml., Will Kemp, Dzhonni Li Miller, Kathryn Morris, Patrisiya Velaskes, Cassandra Bell

Budget: $ 27 million

Year: July 29, 2004

download Mindhunters

Free Mindhunters movie torrent. A group of students presented the life of the FBI really harsh final exam: 7 among graduates in the island naval base - a very ingenious maniac. Deadly mystery for future "Hunters for the mind" - so called top-class specialists, capable of slight held evidence restore the psychological portrait of the murderer - will cost the lives of those who do not deserve to wear such a high rank. To make the final is even more surprising, the director made several versions and decided on only after the final test display.

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Our Review:

Forensic psychologists must pass the final test to get into the elite FBI team. But it turns out, all their weaknesses. Seven candidates for the elite FBI squad, the so-called "Hunters for the mind" (people of the smallest clues and little information constituting psychological profiles of criminals), are as close to reality training under the guidance of a specialist ruthless sociopath Jake Harris (Val Kilmer). To pass the final exam, the group sent to the island of the US Navy base. They must find the crime scene and to make certain dates the portrait of the murderer. Only no one warned that the killing will be their own. Intelligent viewer immediately understands that the basis of the plot is taken Agatha Christie novel "Ten Little Indians". Every crime - a separate project, more and more sophisticated and accurate on the clock (time, by the way, one of the important elements of the film). Each piece in its place, every step of the victim is known. However, a deeper analysis and careful review, it is clear that the "Hunters for the mind" in every sense of the original movie. The film, which was released in late 2004, was filmed two years earlier. Directed by Renny Harlin ( "The Long Kiss Goodnight," "Deep Blue Sea") once again proved that he can create a good psychological thriller that keeps in suspense until the denouement. As for the latter, the writers Ueyn Kramer and Kevin Brodbin come up with a few finals, and finally determined only after the test display. But the "Hunters for the mind" should look not only to understand who the killer is. This free paraphrase Counting about Ten Little Indians allows the viewer to enjoy the elegance of schemes and calculations unknown until the last moment of the criminal. Dynamic detective scenario, the actors performed admirably, each with its role, amazingly beautiful angles and unexpected directorial decision. "Hunters" get tough, dynamic, but ingenious and clever. It is a real treat for film fans.

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