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Download movie Maniac for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Thriller Crime Horror

Country: US, France

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Frank Halfun

Actors: Elaydzha Vud, Nora Arnezeder, Freedom, America Olivo, Liane Balaban, Sammy Rotibi, Brian Ames, Megan Duffy, Genevieve Alexander, Jean Gardner, Morgan Slemp, Sal Landi, Dan Hunter

Budget: $ 6,000,000

Year: March 21, 2013

download Maniac

Download Maniac full movie for free. A thriller about a serial killer. The streets of Los Angeles seem to be quiet and safe, but a serial killer, scalped with his victims, goes hunting. Frank afternoon - silent shopkeeper mannequins, and at night - a ruthless maniac who kills only young beauties. But his measured life changes when it appears the young Anna, who need his help in conducting their own exhibitions. The further develop their relationship, the harder it becomes to Frank to make a choice - love or scalp.

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Our Review:

Former hobbit as a maniac who kills young beauties and shoot with the scalps of accidents. Blood repulsive spectacle. A remake of the eponymous classic thrash film in 1980 directed by William Lastingham. Los Angeles. At the gate you will find a maniac (Wood) - a humble guy, Frank, at night turning into a ruthless killer. The guy holding the shop mannequins, which he likes to decorate the scalps of their victims. One day he meets a Frenchwoman Anna (Nora Arnezeder) - Photographer which decided that the vintage mannequins Frank will be the highlight of her exhibition. The film was made subjective camera. All the events we see through the eyes of a psychopath - a technique mastered by filmmakers from the time of the thriller "M" (1931), Fritz Lang, improved in remarkable tape of Michael Powell's "Peeping" (1960) and received the greatest development in many paintings by Dario Argento. Do not forget about the whole galaxy of sophisticated craft of Italian genre Djalle dedicated savagely-inventive methods of killing and enrich world cinema with its unexpected heyday in the 70s. About Jala forces speak not only receiving operator, but also the visual range of "Maniac", despite the "meat" of the filling, which has fashioned a European veneer. Dummies is primarily evoke horror splendiferous 1979 "tourist trap", clearly demonstrating that the imitation of life sometimes scares pohlesche psycho with a huge cleaver. As in the original film, focuses on the inner world of the mentally abnormal hero. Subjective camera allows the viewer as if to settle in his mind, to live his life for screen time - experience does not soul-saving, but curious. Fans of gore genre - especially sadistic and bloody horror - in a "maniac" has something to amuse themselves. Abundance of disgusting scenes in terms of physiology is designed primarily for fans of this zriva. Nervous girls attracted to the cinema blue eyes Elijah, it is better to do you choose to see another movie. The only thing that distinguishes the new "Maniac" from the old, it's a deliberate action motivation - children's psychological injuries from the careless sexual behavior of his mother. Too banal reason to grab the knife and become archaic "Navajo Joe" in a world of rapidly evolving technology.

User's Review:

It was good that I did not go to the cinema. The Hobbit as a maniac - quite a lure advertising and causes the temptation to go to the cinema, but to be honest - the movie is not worth your time for him, and the more vehicles. The film turned out horrible in every sense: the scenery, acting, plot, setting, atmosphere, intelligence and savvy geek (and its victims) leaves much to be desired. Even classic monsters showed DOOM'ovskie have more intelligence than those presented characters and even the very difficult situation in the film is not called stupid. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Judge for yourself: in the subway, in the parking lot, on the street among white day in the big city is not a single person! There is no duty on the station, there is a security guard in the parking lot, passers-by - one. Our Chikatillo everywhere fingerprints, traces of blood, shines in the face of all CCTV cameras and no response! A feeling that the whole town were a few people. About penetration scene I generally will not even talk to the penthouse room for an elderly victim - laughter and only. Even cutting scalps looks like nothing more than a slight contraction of the wig, richly oiled cherry syrup. The appearance of special forces by the end of the film and does not cause anything but skeptical smile. Plaintive grimace of the main character in the mirror, a couple of smiles from Anne - that is, perhaps, and all the actors play the entire movie. I do not know who might like it as tasteless creation of a catastrophic amount of plot blunders.

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