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Man on a Ledge

Only the innocent can be forced so high

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Movie Length: 1:42

Genre: crime Thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Asger Let

Actors: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris, Entoni Maki, Dzheymi Bell, Dzhenezis Rodrigez, Edward Burns, Titus Welliver, Kira Sedzhvik, Mandy Gonzalez

Budget: $ 42 million

Year: February 2, 2012

Download Man on a Ledge

Free download Man on a Ledge movie. Ex-policeman accused of a crime he allegedly did not commit, is going to commit suicide, to throw off the roof of a hotel in Manhattan. With it enters into negotiations psychologist NYPD. Tension increases every moment, the square shrink outfits special units, it is disclosed a crowd shouting women. Meanwhile, on the spot, right under the noses of the police committed a big robbery of the century: unknown kidnapped unique diamonds.

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Our Review:

Overgrown with Sam Worthington moves from the psychological drama in a high-spirited action and vice versa. All this - without leaving the eaves. Those who are afraid of heights, will receive an extra shot of adrenaline. To keep the viewer's attention exclusively on the negotiations of the potential suicide and police psychologist is difficult, even if the suicide periodically starts counting aloud, slips and all kinds of attracting attention. Therefore, the main action takes place not near the windows of the hotel "Roosevelt" at an altitude of 60 meters, and in a nearby building, where the pair slightly comic burglars trying to get to the safe diamond. Suicide, who did not dare to jump down - a former police officer, Nik Kessidi (Worthington), who had to serve two years for a crime that, according to him, he did not commit. Patient conversation with them is Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), a professional negotiator. Contribute to the conversation makes a crowd of onlookers loudly advising Nick not fooling and jump brisk journalist (Kira Sedzhvik), a porter, who decided to feed the poor a sandwich, and even nameless street brawler who hates the rich. And in this story all the above characters (even the crowd) assigned prominent role in all the time to fulfill. This plot device fits the picture could not be more. I did not dwell alone Worthington, who is clearly not afraid of heights and the scenario repeats only that the innocent and "not yet time", tells the story of his hero simply fascinating and intriguing. In such stories necessarily have corrupt cops, crooks, and their attempts to beat, and a cunning plan that goes wrong, but in the end necessarily work. Plus a few pleasant surprises in all respects closer to the final, and incredibly complete triumph of social justice.

User's Review:

Perhaps this is a strange and unusual characteristic for a film, but "On the Edge", just released in rent - a kind of standard of quality, the quintessence of all that the audience expects from the film in the genre of "a crime thriller - thriller." How it could do is not the most well-known director, Dane Asger Let, having in his luggage, only one shot in the 2006 film - is a mystery. But he did it! This film is, without exaggeration, everything that should be in a good criminal fighters. The stunning beauty of shooting with the most unusual angles, intrigue, cool mixed with the criminal subject, sound, from which especially impressionable viewers a good half of the film will feel running through in different directions goose, beautiful men and women with chiseled figures pursuit and persecution, risk and adrenaline ... In a word, everything. Casting is not afraid of the word, perfect. Besides Sam Worthington become a star of the first magnitude after filming "Avatar" Dzheymsa Kemerona, and familiar to us even on the "Terminator 4", all the significant role played by actors, having in the filmography of ten (and sometimes more than one) notable roles. Even if you can not from the first minute to remember their names - all the same at first glance it is clear that - yes, I know that guy! Each of them is so out of place that inevitably creates a sense of "authenticity", and now the audience is involved in what is happening on the screen so that when the film suddenly ends, there is some slight bewilderment - is this all? This film - one of the most interesting stories of recent years. While the former policeman, threatening to throw off the parapet of a building in Manhattan, distracts the attention of the police, his accomplices committed the theft of the century - kidnapped unique jewelry. And it's all so beautiful and dynamic, that just takes your breath away! The operation is designed in the spirit of the best kinoogrableny criminals are resourceful and inventive, the police ... In short, this film - one of those who better to see once than to read a hundred reviews. Enjoy watching!)

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