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Mama download movie.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Thriller Horror

Country: Spain, Canada

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Andres Musketti

Actors: Dzhessika Chesteyn, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Izabel Neliss, Deniel Kesh, Javier Boteti, Dzheyn Moffat, Morgan McGarry, Devid Foks, Dominic Kutstsokrea Julia Shantri Hannah chizma Sidney Cross, Jaden Greg

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: March 7, 2013

download Mama

Mama download movie. Classic horror about little girls. In an abandoned hut in the woods two girls were found. Mysteriously, they lived in an empty house for five years. Found orphan taken only relative, a young married couple. But the girls are not alone, they have a mother, and it comes out of the darkness.

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Our Review:

Specific interpretation of the story about the meeting of abandoned children with a witch, which resulted in a horror movie on motherhood. The dawn of life of the two sisters, Victoria and five-year-year-old Lilly, has stood not a fountain. Sound of the financial crisis of 2008, Pope bit crazy, on the basis of which shot two partners and for some reason, his wife, the girls also took to the woods, started in the gloomy house and was about to also send to the light, when suddenly stepped in it - or rather, it . Touching care aggressive psychopath suicides ghost of a little girl - not the strangest coincidence in the debut and is very inconsistent film directed by Andreas Musketti, but certainly the original plot device. Skinny-clawed "Mom" throughout the first half of the movie scary is not a joke, but it works in terms of the canons of classic thriller about ghosts too openly. Found after five years in the forest and wild grubby children adopt an uncle and his girlfriend-rocker. Uncle quickly deactivates late emerged from the shadow of a poltergeist, so that the new-found stepmother Annabel (Dzhessika Chesteyn) and the child psychologist Dr. Dreyfuss (Deniel Kesh) remain disentangle porridge together. They consistently make basic mistakes horror characters: look in the cupboards with half-open door, interested in who is hiding under the bed, and finally sent a terrible night in a house in the woods. Ghost, meanwhile, loses all sense of shame and starts to spend a good half in the frame of screen time. In the end, about the "mother" the audience learns almost all and will consider it in detail, it will not save it from the slightly bewildered in the final and a small shock if he dosidev to titers. "Mom" playing Spanish actor Haver Bote, that you will agree, not so much a surprise in terms of gender, but in communication with, um, ghost roles. On the other hand, given the psychological burden, a living actor instead of a computer image - quite a variation. After all, the edge rises the question favorite late-night talk show - in which the adoptive mother more rights to children. And he dares not without passion.

User's Review:

Father. Two daughters. 5 years in the forest. A young couple. Doctor Strange. Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital. Long-forgotten history. Cardboard box with mysterious contents. Coming to visit my mother. "Mama" - a Spanish-Canadian horror film of 2013, the first full-length film novice director Andres Musketti. Unfortunately, getting smaller, because the audience is nothing but moving / traveling to a new home the proverbial no longer expect the recent hype around horror-products. Get at least a "Magnificent Presence" or "Women in Black" from movies and "American horror story" of the series. Although not yet as there is an option with the ghosts of dead in a hotel room. Here are the creators of "Apartments 1303" is not very difficult, even with the name, based on "1408", filmed by Stephen King. Banal, and not at all scary. About trembling at the knees after watching and fear to sleep at night without light, I generally keep quiet. But in "Mame" is different. The film begins with a loud, sharp shot. Then tearful exhausted father runs inside, takes a two daughters and takes "to nowhere." Had an accident and dobredya to a small cabin in the woods, the father wants to kill the children and himself. However, the most difficult moment, when instructing a gun at his eldest daughter Victoria, grief-daddy missing some unknown creation and spin in a whirlwind of their own limbs. Not particularly nervous that for young children, by the way, is not typical, Victoria and her younger sister, Lily sit by the fireplace and watch the fire. What's next - is unknown. The so-called prologue ends on this. Next is the story of what happens after 5 years after the tragedy. Exhausted guesses brother Lucas died - it, by the way, played Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - trying to find out anything about what happened, hiring two people strange appearance. After a long, but not diligent search, they found a house, and in it two brutal for 5 years nieces Lucas. What happens after they arrive in civilization - the main storyline of the film. As you know, not without mystery, because the girls claim that comes to them a kind of mother. Who is she? Is this living creature? How to penetrate into the house? What is the purpose of her visit? It also tries to find Annabelle - friend Lucas, who has remained in the care of two non-adapted to a normal life girls. The role of the nurse for almost beasts went Dzhessike Chesteyn, who had to slightly change the image for the film: long red hair changed to a short black hairstyle. Interesting, high-quality recording (still would be in the producers Guillermo De Toro, known to us by beautifully filmed tale "Pan's Labyrinth"), unexpected plot twists and a final (personally, I could not fully understand all the tragic end or turn heppi- endom), thoughtful little things that help us to understand the situation, the natural play of the actors - characteristic of this film. Good, yes, but sing the praises wholeheartedly movie film is not worth. Out of the car before dark, I walked a couple of steps - already impenetrable darkness. He travels to a dangerous place - had the sense not to take a lantern. And a few of these small moments. By the way, the film is left Andres Musketti share of humor, and it does not look out of place and stupid as some horrors. Irony is the place to be at least in order to relax the viewer, because the story line is accompanied by a "sharp" moments, after which you nothing but to turn away or cover at least one eye does not want to. Anyway, I did not want. I must say that if you're a fan of "bloodless" horror, then you direct road to the cinema to "mother", because no creepy scenes with lacerations and all it implies no. The graphics are good, by the way. Very much believable and realistic got the filmmakers to portray what they wanted. If you're a fan of creepy creatures, but from the "sharp" scenes and the accompanying phenomenon of fear you do not want to run as far as possible, I advise you not to hesitate and go to reel it in the theater, because, as you know, on the big screen effect horror movie better. However, if you are a lover of quiet mystery and do not want to seek adventure on his nervous system, it is better to stay at home and enjoy the film into about TV. Terrible view you, gentlemen!

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