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London Has Fallen

Get ready for the bloody hell

London Has Fallen download movie.

Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: US, Bulgaria, Great Britain

IMDB rating: 5.9

Director: Babak Najafi

Actors: Dzherard Batler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell, Angela Bassett, Jackie Erl Heyli, Robert Forster, Melissa Leo, Sharlotta Rayli, Alon Abutbul

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: March 17, 2016

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London Has Fallen download movie. The film begins in London, where the British prime minister, dies under mysterious circumstances. At the funeral, of course, there are the leaders of the Western world. But what started out as the most security events on the ground, turns into a dangerous attack on the world's most powerful leaders, which in turn jeopardizes the future of the world. Only three people still hope to prevent the catastrophe: the US president, his loyal assistant - intelligence agents and an English agent of MI6, who does not trust anyone.

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Our Review:

Old-fashioned chauvinist American thriller about how the two brutal guys - the US president and his bodyguard - dealt with hundreds of Middle Eastern terrorists attacked London in Pakistan walks large noisy wedding - a wealthy businessman Amir Barkawi (Alon Abutbul) is marrying a young and beautiful daughter happy. Suddenly flown with American drone missile makes guests of the ceremony to the mountain of corpses, the couple also died. But Amir and his sons were wounded and injured, survived. Two years later, US President Ben Ascher (Aaron Eckhart) finds out about the sudden death of Prime Minister of Great Britain from knee surgery. All world leaders are due to arrive for the funeral of his colleague, and only the president of Russia will not be able to come for good reasons. At this time, the head of the presidential guard Mayk Benning (Dzherard Batler) is just about to retire and devote himself to the family, as is preparing to become a father. But the sudden unplanned departure of President abroad requires special security measures, especially since the invasion of many world leaders with their services certainly will cause confusion. When the presidential motorcade arrives at Westminster Abbey, begins the nightmare that surpasses all the most fantastic of the State Department fears. Among the British intelligence services, police and even the royal guards are dressed dozens of terrorists, which open on the world's leading heavy fire from automatic weapons. At the same time around the historical center heard some extremely powerful explosions. Mike Benning possible to sit in the president's car, and after a long chase to deliver the helicopters that fly to the airfield. But on the way it begins a new attack - the terrorists opened fire from the Stingers. All three helicopters, one after another fall, the crews are killed, but Ben and Mike manages to escape. Now, "the most powerful man in the world" and his bodyguard have to flee and hide in the doorways of hundreds of terrorists flooded the city. "The Fall of London" is a sequel to the thriller "Olympus Has Fallen", in which North Korea attacked and captured the White House US President and his bodyguard saved his patron and the whole world. The plot of the new film is no less absurd and, in spite of the seriousness of the bestial and brutal submission hurray-patriotic, chauvinistic pathos, can hardly be anything other than intellectual jokes. As the movie "London Has Fallen" is different from the previous part of a bias towards traditional thriller 80, where the hero is kind of Schwarzenegger's "Commando" alone deals with hundreds of bad guys, uttering scathing frazochki. From here the whole action game is all right, but the special effects are not impressive - pictures of the destruction of London could be removed and interesting. And dramaturgic tape is not is complex. Human relationships in it are minimized and limited to a few melodramatic episodes, consisting of cliches about family and friendship. Thus in addition to the chases, fights, shootings and collapses on the surface of the painting stands out its political message. It literally reads in the final of the Vice-President (Morgan Freeman) - they say, we are accused of is that it was not necessary to go into foreign countries, and to incur vengeance, but the world is complex and there is nothing worse than inaction. So we climbed and climb Mount weak. At this point, Mayk Benning, composes another resignation in connection with the birth of first child, conceived - whether to send it. Despite the fact that this will be suspected conceptual joke, the meaning of the picture is so coincides with the current political moment, that somehow it is not a laughing matter. If the United States can only be removed such agitation, the country could be mistaken for an analogue of North Korea. But in the US today come out and the picture of the "13 hours: Secret Soldiers Benghazi", which, based on real events have shown how it is in reality.

User's Review:

The first thought that came to me after half an hour after the beginning of the show - it's pointless my stay in the cinema and regret the money spent. The film was made fairly high quality, but its content, the scenario, the idea - it's just a mockery of the brain. If my brain had a stomach that he would surely throw up. Americans zhahnul rocket at the tent where the wedding was held eastern natives, and so that the tent remained a trace, from the guests too, but of course the main villains did not get a scratch. Then my friends started a full fox - judging by the shooter all the police in a cordon to protect the heads of states - the terrorists, the entire population of London, including the cops and the army dramatically toppled to the country for a city when it started kipish (there was not a soul - really, just a couple of pigeons were in the frame for the time until the US president and his bodyguard on foot rushed through the city). Events unfold in a way that even the most undemanding and unassuming viewer will notice that Godzilla attack riding a chariot drawn by the Autobots on of Manhattan is much more realistic and probably than what shows us the director of "Fall of London." I do not know how other viewers, but personally I am all the way "sick" for "terrorists", the US president caught and punished for the spoiled holiday, but here I was waiting for a huge disappointment! US President caught - and stuffed his face !. But the whole joke is that the film is fresh and maintained parallel with the current geopolitical situation and the conflict of political interests. And the filmmakers do not hide show that the government is worthless bombanut for the wedding if you do not lie to such a case occurred recently in the news to be in Syria), ditching all but those who want, and then shrug and say - "Well, like it happened" but in spite of this will continue in the same spirit without regard to that whatsoever. Perhaps for the Western European and minds of the film will bear the idea of ​​patriotism and indomitable will, and the forces of democracy, I think our audience with a keen sense of justice in the head there continuous discord, and even bolshii strengthened the idea that we shall be well-known domestic satirist. In summary, I can say - more delusional movie perhaps not remember. I do not recommend wasting time and money.

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