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Movie Length: 1:57

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Richard Berry

Actors: Jean Reno, Marina Fois, Kad Merad, Dzhoi Starr, Jean-Per Darrussen, Richard Berry, Daniel Lund, Gabriella Rayt, Claude Gensac, Fani Kolarova


Year: April 8, 2010

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L'immortel download movie. Sharl Matey (Jean Reno) - one of the godfathers of Marseille. He decides to retire and live in peace, because it a lot of years, and behind too turbulent life. But "colleagues" turn it against itself Charles. It commit brutal assault, leaving him no chance. Was shot at point-blank hardened gangster brought to the hospital and recovered from his body 22 bullets ... But, miraculously, he remains alive. Now he yearns for revenge. And his place will be no less bloody and merciless.

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User's Review:

The film from cult producer Luc Besson, and with the inimitable Zhanom Reno in the title role, has intrigued only by its cover. And when you know that this film is based on real events, then sit down for viewing with a particular expectation of a strong and interesting movie. But how do you know waiting is not always the case and there is bitter disappointment than unrealistic expectations, but this is not the case. The creative tandem of the great producer (Luc Besson), and a great actor (Zhana Reno) has once again shown a good level. They are already used to do different films together ( "Nikita", "Leon", "Wasabi"), but this time, in my opinion, they have done an outstanding film. The film is set in present-day France, in the port city of Marseille, where Charly Matei (Jean Reno) - "The Godfather" and one of the most powerful mafia in the city, an attempt is made! Right on the parking lot of his attacks a group of unknown and opened fire on him. In his body find 22 (!) Bullets, but he miraculously survived and now he'll have to forget about the quiet, family life and take up arms again. And his place will be no less bloody and merciless. This picture is a classic gangster thriller, with a well-seasoned dramatic line. The protagonist reminisces about how he started his criminal path and how they are with friends sworn to each other in a "friendship to death." Charly is not just a crime boss, but a man with clear concepts of the "code of honor" and loyalty to family and friends. Sometimes the hero behaves very noble, even to their enemies. General director (Richard Berry) made a film about friendship and betrayal, honor and meanness, love and hatred, and all this is supported by a fantastic game Zhana Reno. The budget picture was $ 14,000,000, but for the first 2 weeks of the show in France, will be compensated spent attachments. It is worth noting that the composer of the film (Claus Badelta), for soundtracks in the film picked up so well that allow the first to feel the tense atmosphere of the story, and secondly to find out the creative side of the protagonist, who is fond of classical music and opera. Incidentally, an interesting fact: as mentioned above, the film is based on real events. In France, he lived in Marseilles Zhak Imber, known as Zhaki Lo Ma ( "Crazy"), nicknamed le Mato (le Matou). And February 1, 1977 was assassinated him. In his 22 bullets were fired, or rather, 7 bullets from a pistol and 15 kartechin. But the picture is not a biographical history, as all the other events in it are fictitious. In general, the film left a good impression on the viewer. It recommended to all fans of the genre, as well as admirers of Zhana Reno. If you have not watched this movie, it is strongly recommended. Enjoy watching!

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