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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Free download Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Action Thriller

Country: Russia, US

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Actors: Kris Payn, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branagh, Kira Naytli, Dzhemma Chan, Nonso Anozie, Kolm Fior, Karen David, David Paymer, Hulisita Salcedo

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: January 16, 2014

Download Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Free download Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie. Spy thriller. Financial analyst Ryan moved to Moscow to work on some billionaire. And this nouveau riche furnish the case so that at Raina fell all suspicion of terrorist conspiracy to bring down the US economy. And Jack has no choice but to try to clear his name at the same time, to neutralize the conspiracy and save his wife, billionaire taken hostage. The film "Dzhek Rayan: Chaos Theory" is based on the novels Toma Klensi series of Jack Ryan.

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Our Review:

Political thriller Cold War coming to the screens in 2013. In 2003, soldiers of Dzhek Rayan (Kris Payn), is wounded during a US military operation in Afghanistan. In the rehabilitation center, where a young man walking restores skills under the guidance of a medical student Katie (Kira Naytli), it takes a pencil Harper CIA agent (Kevin Costner). Without further introductions at the first personal meeting he will propose Ryan to work for the good of the motherland. He will be unable to refuse. Ten years later, the fate of the villain Jack will bring to Moscow, where half-mad tycoon Viktor Cherevin (Kennet Brena) is going to make a collapse of US securities. Act will have to quickly and efficiently, because "the Russian" completely unpredictable. Kris Payn - the fourth incarnation of the literary hero Toma Klensi's novels to the big screen. Before him, this very honorable watch carried Alek Bolduin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. And if Ford struggled with Irish terrorists and secret collusion of American politicians, the Baldwin and Affleck opposed Clancy beloved enemy - Russia. In this sense, Pine picks up the banner of more experienced colleagues, going to the gold-domed, where no one drives along the street bears with balalaika, but still regularly drink vodka. Directed by Branagh, however, does not fall into outright bad taste, but when Victor Cherevin hero, placing a candle in the church of Christ the Savior, says, "We will avenge Mother Russia!", It becomes clear that to perceive events "Chaos Theory" is not seriously possible. Actually, numerous questions arise while watching "Jack Ryan" have less to do with the artistic component of the film (here is more or less flat, standard, pattern, but not below a certain waterline that wonderful feeling of Hollywood professionals), but to the very the fact of its release in theaters. In fact, we have a classic agitation of the Cold War, where brave American hero at the last minute will eliminate the terrible threat posed by the Russian villains. Such a method might have worked (and worked, let's face it) in the early to mid-1980s, but in 2013, looks like a frank misunderstanding on the brink of farce. Why all this took the main Shakespeare of modern cinema Kenneth Branagh - rhetorical questioning from the discharge. However, it can not cancel one simple fact: in the filmography of the respected British from now has registered a full and unconditional failure.


User's Review:

I put 8 and that is why, I explain: the fact that the film is a kind of paranoia against us Russian - is understandable. We here are poor and yet is, I have an adult and understand that the story - complete nonsense and I am led to the propaganda, the Cold War is over (though some, judging by the film, still do not know about it). When we, Russian, shown as a redneck, I laugh at this nonsense. I went to watch a movie because of performances and specials. effects (well can these devils do American films, admittedly) of course, for meanness toward us, I put a hard number. But would like more time to see how they can make a film, especially after such a domestic delirium as "bitter", "friends of friends", "faster than rabbits," "Dark World", etc.

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