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Your mind - the scene

Inception download movie.

Movie Length: 2:28

Genre: Thriller thriller Adventures detective fiction

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 8.8

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Peydzh, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Killian Morfi, Marion Kotiyyar, Dileep Rao, Tom Berenger, Maykl Keyn, Pit Postletueyt

Budget: $ 160 million

Year: July 22, 2010

download Inception

Free download Inception movie. Dominic Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) - professional industrial espionage. He is able to penetrate into other people's dreams and steal their ideas. Dominique gathers a team of talented young people who can also penetrate the dreams and plans to make the introduction of the last, but not to steal an idea but to impose his. If all fails, then Dominique will be able to return home, but if he can accomplish the impossible. The film "Home" has received several prestigious awards, including the "Oscar" and a BAFTA.

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Our Review:

Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is working on the difficult work - penetrates the human subconscious and extracts the information from there. We have to work in a dream that, on the one hand, not too dusty, but on the other - not too legally and fairly dangerous. There, in a dream, he is able to see his dead wife Mol (Marion Kotiyyar), but in reality it is separated from the children, because for them prey on all continents. Once all-powerful customer, Mr. Saito (Ken Watanabe), promises to return to the Cobb's children if he will be able to implement one simple idea in my head Roberta Fishera (Killian Merfi), the heir to a large corporation. For successful operation Kopp assembles a team, which will include two of his protivoborstuyuschih assistant, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Eames (Tom Hardy), Himik Yusuf (Daylip Rao) to prepare all the first-class sleeping pills, and the young architect Ariadne (Ellen Peydzh ) to design in the subconscious sleep three levels imaginary reality. Mr. Saito arises in total sleep a kind of tourist. Contrary to what the cause of the staggering success of "Body of Lies" - not a bad cocktail, to at least once did not try. In addition, there are things that you are guaranteed at least once seen in a dream. This, in general, is impressive.

User's Review:

What should be the idea of ​​the film to make the potential audience to think about it before the premiere in theaters? What should be a trailer to get people to "digest" what they saw and discuss possible future work plot moves well before it appears on the screen? Which actors should be involved in order to convey the psychology of what is happening on the screen? These and many other issues were facing the filmmakers Christopher Nolan. We are not seen as ideal for the implementation of the trailers with a great sound drew near to the cinema, many thousands (or even millions) of viewers. But not all films managed to withstand the "advertising" heaves throughout the tape. But this is not about «Inception» ( «Start») ... promotional trailer and not hold a candle to the riot of imagination and innovative solutions, which showed a picture. Fans of "intelligent cinema" even before the movie got acquainted with the work of director Nolan and guaranteed were not disappointed. Because its main line in the works he chose one of the most mysterious problems - the ability of the human mind. The idea of ​​making a film about dreams and the opportunity to appear in the director more than a decade ago. But Christopher could not find investors for the project. The success of "The Dark Knight" opened his doors to the world of big money, allocated for private projects. He believed ... and it has paid off! Painting technically can be divided into three parts: the story (scenario), Action (picture) and audio series. Each of them stands alone - splendid, fundamental, thorough. But the main feature is that they are on the territory of "estates" and form a great unified architectural composition. The plot is masterfully plays with a group of characters, managing to uncover every one of them, give them the characteristic features, while not forgetting the drama quite appropriate. Features of the plot gives the opportunity to evaluate the ability of the characters in very different conditions: here you and a Japanese palace of the XVIII century, and gloomy rainy urbanized city with trains, breaking through the traffic jams on the main streets and the castle in the snowy mountains. There is everything and with a surplus! In the "Start" movie evident that Christopher Nolan squeezes budget picture dryness realizing that given him a chance to be used by 120 percent. Action in the film is presented as a spectacular gunfights and car chases, made at a high level, and the scenes are possible only in dreams (or at the very least in a parallel reality): preparation of the main characters to the "release" in a hotel room in a state of weightlessness caused fall machine with the same protagonists in the river. Yes ... It is at all so intricately. The film does not allow to describe the events in a nutshell. Even a sincere desire to describe a particular scene of the film makes it necessary to send to a variety of events that happened a little earlier or occurring in the same unit of time. Separately want to highlight the soundtrack of the film, written by one of the most exploited by Hollywood contemporary composers - Hans Zimmer. And this activity is not connected with the well-connected by Hans in certain circles, and his merits in his field. For this will be enough to recall a few of his works: "Gladiator," "Mission: Impossible 2," "Pearl Harbor," "Hannibal," "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." In the last two scenes Zimmer has interacted with Nolan and a common understanding of what should be a sound sequence in the film, there was still time. But what made Hans with the film "Home" can not be described. I can not say for sure (though watching a movie more than 5 times), but the impression that the music is not silent even for a second, constantly changing from calm and concise melodies (in the background during the dialogues and in rare moments of calm) in sharp, pretentious, sometimes solemn and even aggressive segments, helping the director in creating appropriate surroundings at certain specific intervals. With this work the music manages "a great success", adding a feast for the eyes delicacies for hearing, creating a truly gourmet product. As a result, I can see that the film "Home" - a diamond faceted hands of masters Swarovski, which is perfect everything: the weight - the plot, and purity (transparency) - music and face shimmer with rainbow colors - the actors, camera work , installation. Everything together makes it possible, without looking up, look at it for hours, each time finding all new play and features that are hidden somewhere in the back and open at certain bends light. Verdict: look necessarily, because this food is pleasing to all, and gourmets will get an unforgettable experience, and not passing a pleasant aftertaste. P.S .: forward to "The Dark Knight Rises";)

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