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Download movie Hummingbird for free.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Action Thriller

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Stiven Nayt

Actors: Dzheyson Steytem, ​​Viki Makklyur, Lee Asquith-Coe, Senem Temiz, Yen Piri, Siobhan Hewlett, Agata Buzek, Benedict Wong, Andrew Crayford, Devid Bredli, Santi Skinelli Chris Koulin, Lee Nicholas Harris

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: June 12, 2013

download Hummingbird

Download Hummingbird full movie for free. Dramatic action with Jason Steytemom. Former commando Dzhoui Dzhons tries to start a new life. He agrees to work for Asian mafia. But penetrating deeper into the criminal world of his native city, he realizes that he can not bear to look at the things happening in it lawlessness. When by bandits killed his beloved Isabel, Joey decides to restore justice. He begins an investigation that leads him to the top of the crime syndicate. "Redemption" - the debut film screenwriter Steven Knight.

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Our Review:

Another thriller with Jason Statham about the horrors of marginal London, the Chinese mafia and the long post-war nightmare. Dzhoui Dzhons (Statham) has passed through Afghanistan, but was not able to adapt to civilian life. He dropped everything and now a homeless person on the streets of London. Repeatedly gets in the head of the cruel bastards depressing and reflects upon the total. But one gets in a decent apartment, the owner of which has left for a year in New York, and decides to take the case. Taking a shower, shaves his head, puts on a decent suit and takes a job as the boss of the Chinese mafia. In addition to all the above benefits, Joe becomes the owner of the master credit card and lied to neighbors, he lover left. The fans are divided into two categories. Some love movies with Jason Statham, the other dream that he soon changed his role. In the first work as a director of a large European fan marginaliteta - screenwriter Steven Knight ( "Dirty Pretty Things," "Eastern Promises") is a spectacle for those and these. At the beginning of Statham depicts a hairy bum who are suffering beatings - in the case of an acting career just ten unprecedented in recent years. For a moment, a thought that we finally see the dramatic side stetemovskogo talent, but the standard picks up on free fantasy. Very quickly, the man on the screen is transformed into "an old friend" and ceases to be a languid evening. Familiar to us not only this man. The story itself is fine tailored on the patterns of past fighters. Like the spirit of Dzhona Rembo invisibly flying over London and protects the hero. And this lovely old-fashioned view makes "Redemption" pleasant nostalgic process. No matter even that Statham was never able to make a full reset, possibly X hour for this has not yet come. As for the film itself, it is struggling to convey to us a not very complicated and is not a new idea. From post-war syndrome does not save a person or a suit with someone else's shoulder, no internal reflection or stolen credit card or immoral work. The same can be said about the search for justice. The horrors of war are ever with former riot policemen.


User's Review:

Who appeared at the bottom of life, Joey gets a second chance at destiny. Running away from his pursuers, he finds himself in an apartment of an unknown man to him where it awaits the opportunity to change not only their lives but also the lives of people close to him. But, as in the fairy tale of Cinderella, the magic has its own time frame and will only last until October 1 - the date when the apartment back its rightful owner. Before the release of "Redemption" in hire almost all we said that in this film we see the familiar to us Jason Stethema. "Statham changing profession" - I thought. But in the end watching this film, radical changes in the way I have not seen Jason. Of course, Stethema hero became more melancholy, dark, reflective, became less fun, shoot and fight. For the rest, in front of us all the same professional assassin with his code of honor and a shaved head. Just film was different. I would have called "Redemption" crime drama, but certainly not a fighter. The creators of "Redemption" is not put at the heart of the action, they are primarily interested in the soul of the main characters and their experiences. Therefore, in a situation where the vast majority of films from Stethema are storm action, did not abate until the final credits, any more or less sentimental film with his participation will count for a radical change of role. But now having understood the film genre affiliation, consider its essence. We have two of the hero - a former soldier and the nun. These characters are like two autumn leaves, pretty shabby life. Fate as the wind carries them away, but at the moment these two sheets freeze in the air to explore the world around, and then fly away in an unknown direction. In this moment for these characters has become a long period of more than six months, disrupt their usual life and give hope. The emphasis on these long months have just instantly across the life, it could be done in the name of the movie. But the creators decided otherwise designating the title theme of man's sinfulness, where hummingbirds are its silent witnesses. This is also an important component of the film, which perfectly revealed through the character of the Polish actress Agata Buzek. The disclosure of her character really interesting to see throughout the film. In my opinion, "Redemption" is perfect for all fans of crime dramas, and participation in the film Jason Stethema will be very pleasant bonus. But those who love this actor only for the number of people beaten them fired from the gun of bullets and the severity of jokes, it makes sense to wait another next project. I think that a new hurricane action with Jason does not take long.

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