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Free Hodejegerne movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: Germany, Norway

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Morten Tildum

Actors: Aksel Hennie, Sinneve Makodi Lund, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Eivind Sander, Carré Hagen Sidness, Reidar Sørensen, Niels Jorgen Kaalstad, Joachim Rafaelsen

Budget: $ 5.28 million

Year: January 12, 2012

download Hodejegerne

Free download Hodejegerne movie. Rodzher Braun - brilliant "bounty hunter" irreplaceable expert on the selection of top managers for the largest firms. He can find the right person for any position and its recommendations - the key to getting a job. To keep the beautiful wife, the husband money to open on an art gallery in the trendy, Roger had long been living beyond its means and, using his official position, stealing expensive paintings from applicants for executive positions. One day he meets the Dutchman Clas Graaff - an ideal candidate for a firm specializing in navigation equipment, and that's good luck, owner of the painting by Rubens, were considered lost during the Second World War. Theft and subsequent sale of a masterpiece Roger can help permanently solve all financial problems. But suddenly the "bounty hunter" itself becomes a prey and hunter stands ... Klas Graaf!

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Our Review:

Scandinavian filmmakers continue to amaze: the crime drama about furtively recruiters and industrial espionage acquires details that would be useful to the creators of "Saw." At Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie), highly qualified specialists in employment is less than high-quality personnel, have all or nearly all. Beauty and the clever wife, a luxury home, a solid reputation. It only brings growth (less than 170 cm), and the way he really does for a living. Recruiter Brown - and even a professional thief who specializes in stealing paintings. Roger stealing from their own customers, who finds work in parallel in different top Norwegian companies. The first, but a catastrophic failure befalls him when meeting with the Dutchman Klaas Gref (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), an ideal candidate for one of the firms which Roger for personal reasons does not wish to hold anywhere. Moreover, the attempt to steal the painting Class Gref incredible value turns to Roger Brown's nightmare: a real hunt begins on it. Deprived of the presence of American swing and painfully familiar Hollywood parties, the picture Morten Tilduma, however, is not inferior to the most spectacular fighters. Not much is happening. Just one person, who had served in the army and unusually pedantic, according to the rules of the hunting and the art of war begins to pursue other that anything heavier frame from the picture in the hands of the spawn is not kept. But without the house, his wife, means of communication and any support cornered Brown is ready to plunge into the shit in the literal sense of the word, just to survive and make a retaliatory move. Pale as a moth hero Aksel Hennie, cit-neurotic, robbing their own customers, is the same amount of positive emotions, as his opponent, handsome, handsome, deprived at the same time any human feelings. But the nature of the ongoing struggle between them and monstrous forms, which sometimes takes this fight, inevitably leads to determine the likes. Thief, as you know, more miles than vampire.

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