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Free Highwaymen movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:20

Genre: Thriller thriller crime

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Robert Harmon

Actors: Rhona Mitra, Frenki Feyzon, Kolm Fior, Gordon Currie, Andrea Roth, Noam Jenkins, Toby Proctor, Dzheyms Ki, Gayleyn St. Ondrej, Dzheyms Kevizel


Year: February 13, 2004 (World)

download Highwaymen

Download Highwaymen full movie for free. Maniac, riding on the car, "El Dorado" in 1972 release, brutally kills young women and highway for many years remain unpunished. The husband of one of his victims, Renni Krey, has dedicated his life to hunt down and kill the offender, thus avenging the death of the woman he loved. He decides to catch a serial killer on the bait - a young girl, right under the type of the criminal victim. Now the two of them were waiting to whose efforts the highway turned into a highway of death, in which many innocent people just life.

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